Jolly in a sentence

Definition of Jolly

Full of merriment and high spirits; jovial. | (transitive) To amuse or divert. | (Britain, dated) A pleasure trip or excursion.

Short Example Sentence for Jolly

  • 1. It was a bright and jolly company.
  • 2. All very jolly at first. .
  • 3. It is a merry sight to see the jolly coasters and skaters.
  • 4. Mr. Jolly is just as wild over it.
  • 5. Ben Jolly picked them up and looked them over.
  • 6. Mr. Jolly knows so much about the business.
  • 7. Turn your neat jolly face over the Heath, yonder.
  • 8. Pep, however, eyed Jolly keenly.
  • 9. He found his chums and Ben Jolly anxiously awaiting him.
  • 10. At Day light the jolly Carousers retire home.
  • 11. Meantime, however, Jolly and Vincent were not idle.
  • 12. Starts chaffing his brother in his jolly way about rolling in money.
  • 13. They emerged upon the boardwalk as Jolly concluded his remarks.
  • 14. You're a jolly good fellow, but you don't understand things.
  • 15. Nearly every seat in the house was taken as Jolly began the overture.
  • 16. Ben Jolly held a certified check before the dazzled eyes of his friends.
  • 17. Ben Jolly moved to the window and uttered a sharp whistle of surprise.
  • 18. Frank and Jolly spent several hours deciding on the matinee feature.
  • 19. They all went out in front, Jolly turning the switches from inside.
  • 20. Randy had got Jolly to help him tear loose a scantling from a step protection.
  • 21. Ben Jolly sat chewing a toothpick vigorously, his thinking cap on.
  • 22. Back soon," and Jolly chuckled and waved his hand gaily.
  • 23. Furthermore, they placed great reliance in the judgment of Jolly and Vincent.
  • 24. The supervising staff of Ghurkhas, too, all had the jolly Ghurkha face.
  • 25. It was a jolly quartette that sat down at the table about five o'clock.
  • 26. Oh, isn't it too jolly for words to be really going to get my room and all!

How to use Jolly in a Sentence?

  • 1. Here is where they propose to ambush us, and a jolly good place it is for the job.
  • 2. The chums were down at the hotel that afternoon and Jolly planned a grand surprise for them.
  • 3. In the morning, he stood up boldly, lifting his jolly little face to catch the dewdrops.
  • 4. Ben Jolly spoke the words with a grim conviction that had its effect upon his friends.
  • 5. Some of them made very queer noises, and on some the Brownie played jolly little tunes.
  • 6. And then followed the hearty sanction of Jolly and the boys to all Frank had done.
  • 7. The appearance of Ben Jolly somehow infused all hands with renewed vim and cheerfulness.
  • 8. They and Jolly went to the train to see Frank and Vincent off the next morning.
  • 9. Ben Jolly arched his eyebrows in an inquiring way and Randy looked Pep over sharply.
  • 10. Dream and wake and play, Laugh and crow, Shout and grow, Jolly times have they.
  • 11. Breakfast had just been announced by Jolly and as usual all were hustling about to put in an appearance for the famous home-cooked meal.
  • 12. But between myself and Isabel things were incurably complicated by the intellectual sympathy we had, the jolly march of our minds together.
  • 13. At length the pleasant sound of oars, and voices in jolly converse, fell upon his ear, and he shouted.
  • 14. Pep Smith gasped as Jolly recounted all this over again to him in the living room back of the photo playhouse.