Jovial in a sentence

Definition of Jovial

(comparable) Cheerful and good-humoured; jolly, merry. | (not comparable, astrology, obsolete) Pertaining to the astrological influence of the planet Jupiter; having the characteristics of a person under such influence (see sense 1).

Short Example Sentence for Jovial

  • 1. I said in a jovial tone.
  • 2. Yet they were a jovial bold companie.
  • 3. The jovial man was moved.
  • 4. They became a sort of jovial anarchists.
  • 5. I had never seen him so jovial or beaming.
  • 6. His jovial manner gave place to a crestfallen look.
  • 7. Bruce became quite unlike his old jovial self.
  • 8. He and Dick had had an almost jovial day.
  • 9. Mr. Shund is a jovial fellow, he enjoys life, and is rich.
  • 10. He was rudely jovial in his greeting, as most of his type were.
  • 11. Yet we certainly looked and acted like a very jovial quartet.
  • 12. He appeared a jovial sort of person, and to be very genially disposed.
  • 13. For an instant our jovial greetings parried together, and then we passed.
  • 14. Botticelli himself was a pleasant, even a jovial man, but a man of moods.
  • 15. Martin, with a jovial good night to Tenney, had hurried off at once.
  • 16. See the smoking bowl before us, Mark our jovial ragged ring!
  • 17. Then Jack Runkle showed his jovial face at the top of the companionway.
  • 18. Madam Gillin had seen our friend Cassidy once without his jovial mask.
  • 19. He's a gamblin', ramblin' rascal, An all around jovial sport.

How to use Jovial in a Sentence?

  • 1. Would the jovial little captain be quite so jovial viewing these incriminating circumstances?
  • 2. A short time later he was in his room, where a jovial party of freshmen was gathered.
  • 3. It was not a tentative little frightened tap this time, it was more jovial and eager sounding.
  • 4. Further down the Settlement there was a private store-keeper with a jovial countenance.
  • 5. You pass trains of troops, but the uniforms are quiet, the men jovial and unwarlike.
  • 6. Davenant attempted, by taking something like a jovial tone, to carry the thing off lightly.
  • 7. The horse drew up, the driver called to him a peremptory and jovial word, and she knew the voice.
  • 8. He was a jovial young fellow noted for mimicry, practical jokes, fiddling and dancing.
  • 9. Montague Maynard puckered his brows in a judicial frown quite unsuitable to his jovial features.
  • 10. But the second glance showed her that the expression of his face was so jovial that its plainness vanished as if by magic on his first smile.
  • 11. But when after long repression the explosion actually took place, it proved to be one of harmless and jovial laughter.
  • 12. Taft always appeared to be jovial and kept, at least outwardly, a genially good-natured equilibrium.
  • 13. It was a jovial meal that followed; the spirit of youth presided; and wisdom and grave speech were thrust under the table.
  • 14. To-day, of all those jovial thieves who appropriated my commissariat and lay and laughed round that waterproof sheet, not one remains.
  • 15. This he found exceedingly pleasant, for Johnson was one of the most jovial and open hearted of commanders.
  • 16. The latter proved to be a jovial old fellow, and he received my brother with due honor, and set before him the best that his cook could prepare.
  • 17. He was a large, stout man, with a red and cheerful face, who looked exactly like the jovial innkeeper of melodrama.
  • 18. Two or three men in pink, on their way to the meet, drop in, and are very jovial and sharp-set, as indeed we all are.
  • 19. Till three noble chieftains, and all of his blood, The jovial contest again have renew'd.
  • 20. The cheerful master, 'midst his jovial friends, His glass to their best wishes recommends.
  • 21. I rode gayly on, and was even in high enough mood to break forth into a jovial song, had I thought it wise.