Keep in a sentence

Definition of Keep

To continue in (a course or mode of action); not to intermit or fall from; to uphold or maintain. | (heading, transitive) To hold the status of something. | (heading, intransitive) To hold or be held in a state.

How to use Keep in a Sentence?

  • There has been no one to keep those details fresh in my memory, and they have grown dim.
  • An undertaker wanted to keep people from interfering, but that was quite natural again.
  • The others were crowded together at the bow, trying to keep away from the flames.
  • She gave the promise, determined to keep it; and yet she knew she would not keep it.
  • Thus, we do not necessarily keep eBooks in compliance with any particular paper edition.
  • You'll keep me remembering how much we've always despised conceited, stuck-up people?
  • I am an expert in cats, but I have not seen a kitten keep its kittenhood nearly so long before.
  • I ran away, and I am returned to you, and have brought my tree to keep my birthday with you.
  • I tried to keep from laughing, for I was a guilty person in deep need of charity and mercy.
  • A few hundred men will be sufficient to keep Ali Pasha in check from this side.
  • He didn't fear that poverty and pain would keep anyone out of the kingdom of gladness.
  • Elinor promised to keep an eye on her erring husband and see that everything went smoothly this time.
  • The boys knew this, and it was their amusement to keep him awake by pelting him with egg-shells and other missiles.
  • It was also their privilege to keep still; they were not allowed to throw any light upon the discussion.
  • I will endeavour to keep back the stroke, yet should it fall, 'tis for you to ward it off.
  • Now and again the fun requires a kiss or two to keep it going, and loud screams proclaim the daring deed to all the world.
  • When once a man 'as tasted of 'igh art, he can't keep his blooming fingers out of it.
  • Having marked out the path of duty for us, he has made such a distribution of natural good and evil as is adapted to keep us therein.
  • Wrapped in its waterproof to keep off the rain torrents, the rice was dumped into a bullock-cart at Siliguri.
  • We like to read about rich people in the papers; the papers know it, and they do their best to keep this appetite liberally fed.
  • She threw away the hostile letters, but tried to keep the pleasantest one for her book; surely there has been no kindlier biographer than this one.
  • These, the most important courses of all, came, if not daily, at least often enough to keep one under constant strain.
  • The Clemenses have always done the best they could to keep the political balances level, no matter how much it might inconvenience them.
  • Judge North was anxious to have some object-lessons for that law, and he would absolutely keep us in the prison the full two years.
  • Compliance requirements are not uniform and it takes a considerable effort, much paperwork and many fees to meet and keep up with these requirements.
  • Hence, is it not reasonable, we ask, that we should keep within the same sacred bounds, when we come to form an estimate of the ways of God?

Short Example Sentence for Keep

  • Should he keep it all for himself and his art?
  • Let them keep what they have got!
  • I had better keep away.
  • But she cannot keep still a moment.
  • I did not keep him so long, be certain.
  • In summaries, keep to one tense.
  • And I may keep this precious paper?
  • Indeed I took pains to keep her from being found out.
  • Don't keep me waiting.
  • In summaries, keep to one tense 29 18.
  • The miseries that a conceited boy will endure to keep up his "reputation"!
  • So I hurried Daggett up; made him keep on sending challenge after challenge.
  • But, of course, we couldn't keep on talking all the afternoon.
  • Oh, how I tried--and our lady too--to keep him back.

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