Kettle in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Kettle

1. The kettle began to sing. 🔊

2. A servant is busy with a kettle by the window. 🔊

3. You bring the kettle aft as soon as it is ready. 🔊

4. He stooped, and took the kettle from the stove. 🔊

5. A big iron kettle was hung over it by means of a chain and pole. 🔊

6. I'll get an electric kettle and make tea for us both. 🔊

7. She lifted the kettle to one side, wiped her hands and went. 🔊

8. As before, Mrs. Squallop made her appearance with his kettle for breakfast. 🔊

How to use Kettle in Sentences?

1. So she set the kettle on the back of the stove and went to ascertain if her husband had returned. 🔊

2. I got a fine string of them, and myself into a pretty kettle of fish in the bargain. 🔊

3. The kettle had been overturned, and what syrup the bear had not eaten was smeared over the hearth and floor. 🔊

4. Fifteen minutes later he returned with a kettle of his favourite nepenthe and all three adventurers drank to a bon voyage home. 🔊

5. It passed him, and he heard its driver hurl some uncomplimentary remark at him as the rattling old kettle clanked by. 🔊