Kind in a sentence

Definition of Kind

Having a benevolent, courteous, friendly, generous, gentle, liberal, sympathetic, or warm-hearted nature or disposition, marked by consideration for – and service to – others. | Affectionate. | Favorable.

How to use Kind in a Sentence?

  • Everyone was very kind to him; their kindness and sympathy cut him to the heart.
  • The presumption of this kind of objection seems almost lost in the folly of them.
  • She took a generous delight in dressing me up, and was as clever as she was kind about it.
  • It really seemed as if some kind old fairy had conjured up the whole place for our benefit.
  • What would he not give for a sight of that kind face now, and a touch of that strong honest hand?
  • I was rather amazed that I saw no woman-creature about, nor any kind of servant.
  • And yet I was aware of a stir of some kind away back in the deeps of my memory somewhere.
  • But Mr. Davy is kind enough to teach me at his house, and I sing to his piano there.
  • Anybody else would have regarded that as an indication of some kind or other and would have drawn inferences and gone home.
  • And there was no occasion to put any sense or any vestige of mentality of any kind into these miracles; anything you might say would answer.
  • In my experience, games played with a fiendish outfit furnish ecstasies of delight which games played with the other kind cannot match.
  • When he had finished with my clothes he had said all the kind things, the pleasant things, the complimentary things he could risk.
  • I had never entertained such a notion, or any notion of the kind about anybody; and about her it was indeed new, and to me almost an awe.
  • The passage was very narrow, but lightsome, for a door was open at the end, peeping into a lawny kind of yard.
  • I was quelled directly, and it was indeed very kind of them to scold me, or I should have ecstasized myself ill.
  • But, on the other hand, it was quite a distinctive kind of fighting, and, as such, does not deserve to be ignored.
  • Now I don't want to sass such famous littery people, but you see they kind of forced me.
  • For one thing, the dear ladies were older, and fidgety, foolish little weaknesses of this kind sometimes increase with years.
  • She had a hard time not to cry out with the pain of this horrible fear, and the kind eyes of the experienced Tancredi caught her despairing look.
  • To say that God cannot work contradictions, is not to place a stoical fate, nor any other kind of fate, above him.
  • We find nothing of the kind in the word of God; and in our nature it meets with no response, except a wail of unutterable horror.

Short Example Sentence for Kind

  • Nothing of the kind is hinted.
  • She was very kind and gentle about it.
  • She avoided that kind of preventive.
  • I was getting kind of worked up.
  • It is to this kind that untoward things happen.
  • I do thank you for being so kind to the foolish child.
  • The major proved kind and sensible.
  • The kind lady looked disappointed at the suggestion.
  • Those good ladies proved kind friends to us.
  • He never had a kind word for me, nor a pleasant look.
  • Do you know he was so very kind when I came away.
  • A case of the kind happened in Berlin several years ago.
  • Thank you, Judy, for them kind words.
  • B. Kind of poem; metrical form. C. Subject.
  • He would have note-books of a special kind in which to enter his ideas.
  • She is very grateful, and begs of me to thank you for your kind intentions.
  • Then he got a red shawl, and a bonnet ribbon of a kind of green tartan.
  • Dolby said we were women in disguise, and not a sane kind of women, either.
  • Amber is a kind of fossil resin;" "I dislike that kind of notoriety.

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