Laughing in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Laughing

1. With laughing at you. 🔊

2. Is that a laughing matter? 🔊

3. As if dead priests were laughing in their stalls! 🔊

4. Far away was heard the lonely cry of a laughing gull. 🔊

5. Harassed as he was, Apafi could not help laughing aloud. 🔊

6. Everybody in the Archipelago had heard of Laughing Anne. 🔊

7. Westenra left off laughing and for the first time considered her seriously. 🔊

8. I have just got your letter this evening, and could not help laughing at it. 🔊

9. He spun about quickly with a frown, but the Editor was not laughing at him. 🔊

10. The party walked slowly down the Arcades, talking and laughing as they went. 🔊

11. His pity for Laughing Anne was no more than her case deserved. 🔊

12. The mischievous raven Flew laughing away; Bumpety, bumpety, bump! 🔊

How to use Laughing in Sentences?

1. She tossed her muff on the divan and made a laughing face at her disturbed small sister. 🔊

2. And this, too, after he had been laughing at her unreasonable fears only a short time before. 🔊

3. The sound of laughing and talking was hushed, and every man stopped at his work. 🔊

4. But our business, at present, is not so much with the laughing sceptic as with the grave divine. 🔊

5. He might have been pounced upon in the dark at any moment by the murderer of Laughing Anne. 🔊

6. I startled a passing cabman into interest by laughing aloud at that magnificent and characteristic sentimentality. 🔊

7. Harding, who was washing the dishes at the table, returned his laughing look with a wondering glance. 🔊

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