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How To Use Laziest In A Sentence?

  • Not even the laziest or the weariest man can hate the alarm clock as he does the factory whistle.
  • They are generally the shrewdest, cunningest, cleverest, laziest people you can find.
  • Browning stepped out briskly, and a stranger who saw him could not have believed that he had the reputation of being the laziest lad in college.
  • We've seen some thing of the soldiery down in that part of the world, and they're the laziest crowd you ever saw.
  • The swarthy, untidy inhabitants are among the laziest on earth, for, where nature is so lavish, the necessity for laborious toil is wanting.
  • As he grew older there was no marked improvement, and Tony Croft was by general assent counted the laziest boy in the village.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Laziest | Laziest Sentence

  • They shall be the laziest people in the world.
  • These black fellows are the laziest things living.
  • He's one of the laziest and most unprincipled of creatures.
  • The laziest birdie is hopping about; You ought to be up with the rest.
  • Though not yet thirty years old, he was the laziest man in York County.
  • I "Julie Dale, you're the laziest thing in creation!

Definition of Laziest

superlative form of lazy: most lazy
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