Leaf in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Leaf

1. Pick a leaf and look at it. 🔊

2. Now and then a leaf seems as if it would stick. 🔊

3. In the adjacent country not a leaf moved. 🔊

4. Take a leaf in your hand and look at its ragged edges. 🔊

5. Now take up a leaf of grass and hold it in the light. 🔊

6. Cut with a maple leaf cutter and serve with hot coffee. 🔊

7. He placed her tenderly on the largest leaf he could find. 🔊

8. No, the grass leaf has straight veins. 🔊

9. That was over; a leaf turned; a battle won! 🔊

10. We may call the maple leaf a hand-shaped leaf. 🔊

11. As the sun rose higher, each leaf glistened with dew. 🔊

12. He decided to take a leaf out of the book of the Germans. 🔊

13. Beyond that point not a twig was broken nor a leaf disturbed. 🔊

14. As soon as he moved aside a little the leaf promptly righted itself. 🔊

15. The bloodroot leaf is curled round the tiny write flower bud to protect it. 🔊

16. They found the green stem which held the leaf on which Thumbelina sat. 🔊

How to use Leaf in Sentences?

1. The ribs of a leaf have fine passages or pipes in them through which the sap flows. 🔊

2. Bitter winds swept every leaf from the trees and the sun was hidden in wet mists. 🔊

3. There was not a leaf in all that land to give a rustle, nor any water which might afford a ripple. 🔊

4. Furthermore, he correctly states the length of leaf as 0.295 and the breadth 0.085 meter. 🔊