Learn in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Learn

1. There was not much to learn from her. 🔊

2. It was here she used to learn her lessons. 🔊

3. There was not much to learn there outside of what he already knew. 🔊

4. Dave, you have to learn something yet before you become a scout. 🔊

5. She longed to learn if she could only learn without confessing her ignorance. 🔊

6. Nor am I now to learn the pow'r of love. 🔊

7. And now I'm going to learn you something! 🔊

8. But if he don't learn to be a better shot I'll hang him sure. 🔊

9. He can thus learn Bright-Wits' chance of success. 🔊

10. But I only made myself sick; I was not able to learn to chew tobacco. 🔊

11. I expected to learn that she had heard from--from here. 🔊

How to use Learn in Sentences?

1. I was not surprised to learn that my startling telegram had aroused no little skepticism. 🔊

2. When one started out in life knowing nothing, one had to learn as best one could, that was all! 🔊

3. True necessitarians," says he, "should learn in what way to hold and defend their doctrine. 🔊

4. Without waiting to learn the result of his shots, Harry rushed for his horse and rode away. 🔊

5. I am,' he said, 'infinitely concerned to learn that your health is not yet quite re-established. 🔊

6. So it was arranged as the old man suggested, and Jacob forthwith began to learn his new trade. 🔊

7. Byrne was glad to learn that no troops of that nation had been seen in the neighbourhood for months. 🔊

8. We may learn wisdom from the errors of the past, no less than from its most triumphant and glorious discoveries. 🔊

9. Or was there some deeper purpose, some serious attempt to learn the truth beneath her casual question? 🔊