Learn in a sentence

Definition of Learn

(now only in non-standard speech and dialectal) To teach.

Short Example Sentence for Learn

  • 1. There was not much to learn from her.
  • 2. You cannot learn this sort of toil.
  • 3. It was here she used to learn her lessons.
  • 4. Once he was married, Emily would soon learn to forget him.
  • 5. There was not much to learn there outside of what he already knew.
  • 6. Dave, you have to learn something yet before you become a scout.
  • 7. She longed to learn if she could only learn without confessing her ignorance.
  • 8. But where did you learn to see things like this, and to put them into words?
  • 9. Nor am I now to learn the pow'r of love.
  • 10. And now I'm going to learn you something!
  • 11. But if he don't learn to be a better shot I'll hang him sure.
  • 12. He can thus learn Bright-Wits' chance of success.
  • 13. But I only made myself sick; I was not able to learn to chew tobacco.
  • 14. I expected to learn that she had heard from--from here.
  • 15. It was remarkable, the way she couldn't learn to like private bats.
  • 16. I can't tell what places they have to learn at, upon the Continent.

How to use Learn in a Sentence?

  • 1. I was not surprised to learn that my startling telegram had aroused no little skepticism.
  • 2. When one started out in life knowing nothing, one had to learn as best one could, that was all!
  • 3. True necessitarians," says he, "should learn in what way to hold and defend their doctrine.
  • 4. I am,' he said, 'infinitely concerned to learn that your health is not yet quite re-established.
  • 5. Without waiting to learn the result of his shots, Harry rushed for his horse and rode away.
  • 6. So it was arranged as the old man suggested, and Jacob forthwith began to learn his new trade.
  • 7. But why do I delay to enter straight, That I may learn the truth, be what it will?
  • 8. Byrne was glad to learn that no troops of that nation had been seen in the neighbourhood for months.
  • 9. We may learn wisdom from the errors of the past, no less than from its most triumphant and glorious discoveries.
  • 10. Or was there some deeper purpose, some serious attempt to learn the truth beneath her casual question?
  • 11. The experiments are highly ingenious, and the young student can not fail to learn a great deal from the book.
  • 12. Anxious to learn the name of so gifted an individual, he turned towards his hitherto silent neighbour and demanded who he was.
  • 13. So he labored on, trying to learn the tricks of the older flankers, and schooling himself to their stoical endurance.
  • 14. But as they grow older, and come into contact with realities, they learn by experience the futility of his pretensions.
  • 15. She would learn that to be singled out by him for special attention meant something, and he did not consider himself a conceited man either.
  • 16. I had to take campaigning trips across country into isolated districts lying well off the old tourist lanes to learn the lesson.
  • 17. When he entered it his knowledge must have been very slender, and as a young man he began to learn things ordinarily taught to a mere child.
  • 18. I collected prisms, and tried, in scattering the rays, to learn the properties of each several pencil of light.
  • 19. It seemed to Wallie an excellent opportunity to learn something which might be of future use to him, so he joined it.
  • 20. When they once learn your errand; for you'll free Them from mistake, yourself from all suspicion.
  • 21. Ah, learn to be a father; learn from those Who know what 'tis to be indeed a parent!
  • 22. But, Charles, you will have to give up a great deal if you go, and learn to do everything for yourself.
  • 23. When I think of all the pains I've taken to learn how to talk like the dictionary!
  • 24. It will take mind and memory months, and possibly years, to gather together the details, and thus learn and know the whole extent of the loss.