Level in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Level

1. Wickersham looked at him with level eyes. 🔊

2. There were a thousand and one questions to level at him. 🔊

3. She turned to him now, and with level eyes looked into his. 🔊

4. Do you prefer the level or the sloping street when roller-skating? 🔊

5. People came running past them from the lower level of the Midway. 🔊

6. Wickersham shot at Keith a level glance from under his half-closed lids. 🔊

How to use Level in Sentences?

1. Chapultepec was a fortification one hundred and fifty feet above the average level of the ground. 🔊

2. When they were gone we let our hands down to their natural level and drew a long breath. 🔊

3. With a few brusque words she brought the other two down to the level of her newly recovered equanimity. 🔊

4. The best general structure is that in which the front legs pass to the level of the upper surface of the seat. 🔊

5. But a teacher or statesman may be justly condemned, who is on a level with mankind when he ought to be above them. 🔊

6. His high-mindedness had lifted her above the level of her worldly mother and of many of those who constituted the set in which she lived. 🔊

7. There is no real progress in a country, except a rise in the level of its free intellectual activity. 🔊