Library in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Library

1. The scholar in his library is none. 🔊

2. The office library was lined with law books. 🔊

3. I looked them up in a book in the library at the Abbey. 🔊

4. In the library Ashley was taking heart of grace. 🔊

5. The Library of Wonders. 🔊

6. New Library for Girls. 🔊

7. When he went back to the library he found my poor father unconscious. 🔊

8. It was the man-in-armor that used to hang in the library at Elphinstone. 🔊

9. Judy could offer no suggestion and Molly went off to the Library to think. 🔊

How to use Library in Sentences?

1. Longfellow regretted to say that in all his immense library he did not have a copy. 🔊

2. The door of the comfortable library in which they were seated was suddenly thrown open. 🔊

3. The library was well furnished with old books in which nobody had hitherto taken much interest. 🔊

4. Elise had old-fashioned flowers in her garden, delectable food, a library of old books. 🔊

5. In the meantime I wish to ask you why you pass so little of your time in the library of late. 🔊

6. The black-oak library was a cross-looking room, dingy, lowering, and altogether boggy. 🔊

7. Even in the library of the Hispanic Society of America there is no record of him. 🔊

8. VIII David Grief sat writing at the library table in the bungalow living-room. 🔊

9. All the little girl's studies from the circulating library seemed about to be realised. 🔊