Like in a sentence

Definition of Like

(sometimes as the likes of) Someone similar to a given person, or something similar to a given object; a comparative; a type; a sort. | (golf) The stroke that equalizes the number of strokes played by the opposing player or side. | (informal) For example, such as: to introduce an example or list of examples.

How to use Like in a Sentence?

  • She asked him when he would like to be called, and put the candlestick on the chair.
  • She would like to have this bookcase, and might she not take the wardrobe from her own room?
  • I expected at any time to see one or other of them lying down gasping like a freshly caught fish.
  • Miss Pat is worth looking at any time and folks like to see a real happy person once in a while.
  • And walking together, they seemed like an Italian greyhound and a tall, shaggy setter.
  • A few good shells in those monasteries would have set the monks buzzing in consternation like swarming bees disturbed.
  • Let this be blown away, and the darkness which seems to overhang the moral government of the world will disappear like the mists of the morning.
  • She was sometimes like a hypnotised spectator watching with foolish, involuntary curiosity the actions of one whom she had been bidden to watch.
  • The fate of those in the second category is more pathetic; they gradually wither and die away like flowers planted in a thin soil.
  • White billows of fog beat upon the mountain tops like a silent sea, and blot out the landscape with an impenetrable veil.
  • Opalescent berries resemble heaps of pearls, and the lemon stalks of marine sedge gleam like wedges of gold in the crystalline depths.
  • When off duty, they would be for ever skipping about like mountain goats, skylarking, and pulling one another about.
  • Some sounds of liquid melody found their way out through the heavy doors, and helped to make the tedious half hour pass like magic.
  • She's taken Hiram in hand already, and he is beginning to seem like other people.
  • They would take these off to sell to you and haggle, like the veritable Eastern traders that they were, with you for the price.
  • A dense thicket of frangipanni scents the air with the symbolic blossoms, shining like stars from grey-green boughs of sharp-cut leaves.
  • His head seemed like splitting, and his monetary difficulty, united with his literary difficulties, produced a momentary insanity.
  • Julia looked a moment anxiously at this fragile girl, whose tiny head was poised on a long, delicate neck like a fruit on its stem.
  • But we submit it to the candid reader, if he be not more like the prince of predestination, than the great God of heaven and earth?
  • Fear and sorrow in like measure choked her, and her soul awoke, and tremblingly she walked out of the house, glad to breathe the sweet evening air.
  • But at the end of a week his health began to give way, and, like a man after a violent debauch, he thought of returning to a more normal existence.
  • Her face was flushed and miserable looking, but she was allowing Constance to arrange her pillows with something like gratitude in her long eyes.
  • She had known little else but death; her life seemed full of death; and those reflections, so distinct and so colourless, were like death.
  • The doctrine of Augustine, like that of Pelagius, was developed from the individual experience and consciousness of its author.
  • The universal reason of man declares that the will has not necessarily yielded like the intelligence and the sensibility, to motives over which it had no control.

Short Example Sentence for Like

  • Down in the luck like myself.
  • Mountain sickness is like measles.
  • We spent the evening like in the old days.
  • She looks like a different girl, too.
  • Even so, we felt rather like prisoners.
  • Which do I like the better?
  • He thought like I did.
  • I was as white as a ghost, and I trembled like a leaf.
  • I hate to go about with Rosamond, looking like her maid.
  • It seems like a week since I heard a human voice.
  • Bruce received them with something like contrition in his cheerful face.
  • She was the owner of this beautiful park; it seemed like a fairy tale.
  • Thereafter, like the man in the sycamore tree, we made haste to come down.
  • Remember, Mr. Price is your cousin; you may like him very much.
  • Miss Warner wasn't a scrap like Mr. Bingham.

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