Lively in a sentence

Definition of Lively

Full of life; energetic. | Bright; vivid; glowing; strong; vigorous. | (archaic) Endowed with or manifesting life; living.

How to use Lively in a Sentence?

  • It was a lively young animal enough, and was easily roused to a pretty fast pace.
  • After a lively engagement of two hours and a half, the allies had complete possession of the town.
  • The battle flagged a little toward mid-day, but waxed lively again as the afternoon began.
  • He was brisk and of ready, lively wit, so that nobody or nothing could worst him.
  • The sea in winter with a leaden sky, is a lively cheerful thing, compared to such a snowy desert.
  • Suddenly, however, his active young assistant bounded into view, chipper and lively as usual.
  • He has an agreeable winning Countenance, and hazel Eyes, which are lively and sparkling.
  • The savages were armed with revolvers, and for a few minutes made it lively for the young messenger.
  • Vergil had a lively historical sense and in his hero seems only to have attempted a picture of a primitive king of the heroic age.
  • Everything was new to them and there was certainly enough variety, excitement and commotion to satisfy any lively lad.
  • People derived lively satisfaction from its disclosure that the metropolis was "cool" and unafraid under fire.
  • He led me along a passage on the ground-floor of the entrance hall and through an official-looking apartment to a lively scene indeed.
  • When the little street was fairly awake, it presented a very lively appearance and had the air of doing a great deal of business.
  • But it was otherwise with his master, whose lively imagination instantly suggested to him that this must be truly a chivalrous adventure.
  • Ismail still clung to his stirrup, but began to grow more lively and to have a good many orders to fling to the rest.
  • A lively desire is a passion: a desire, accompanied with a belief that nothing stands in its way, is a volition.
  • Yet it is hardly likely that the pompous follower of Islam ever forgot the lively scene which his rashness had produced.
  • He attended closely, however, to his magnificent farm, and took a lively interest in all affairs affecting his fellow-citizens.
  • A lively and amusing story, dealing with the adventures of eighteen jovial, big hearted Montana cowboys.

Short Example Sentence for Lively

  • The company was lively and merry.
  • After that he made my life very lively for me.
  • Then opened it, very lively again.
  • The mob indulged in some lively work.
  • Dunning waved his hand at the lively scene.
  • Nice, lively little place!
  • He was furthermore given to indulging a very lively fancy.
  • A lively little old man immediately walked into the shop.
  • They had lively eyes, and a profusion of dark curly hair.
  • As we trudged along, a lively discussion of slavery ensued.
  • Wot a lively life for a reel Swell!
  • I have a lively curiosity, and I like to look at them.
  • Or, Lively Adventures on Wildcat Island.
  • Then he had resumed his seat and dashed off into a lively tune.
  • Through all the room there was no lively spot except the fireplace itself.
  • The road once organized found a lively demand for its shares.
  • My idea is, that you will find the party more lively than usual.
  • The wind had freshened, and a lively sea was beginning to make.
  • Here the improvvisatore was interrupted by a lively Neapolitan lawyer.
  • Another thing: she's quick and lively and he watches her whenever she talks.
  • From the inn opposite Schramek's house lively sounds proceeded.

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