Living in a sentence

Definition of Living

Having life. | In use or existing. | Of everyday life.

How to use Living in a Sentence?

  • Name some of the things which our workmen do for other people living at a distance from us.
  • It was as if these two pallid spaces were living things in the midst of inanimate darkness.
  • In its eternal rounds, it touches and blesses all things living with its power.
  • He listened intently, but no sound came to his ear that spoke of a living presence.
  • You don't come to realize what living means till you've seen what the rest of them are up to.
  • The perfection and glory of each consists in the living union and consentaneous development of both.
  • It was like being bullied by the dead and cajoled by the living into a throw of dice for a supreme stake.
  • As he crossed the threshold of the living room he found that his friends had apparently just returned from the scene of the fire.
  • Jolly had got the idea in his head of cutting down living expenses and utilizing the old kitchen tacked on to the store building.
  • The last time he had applied for help his letter had remained unanswered, and he now felt that he must make his own living or die.
  • The roof of the living room proved to be leaky, but the use of pans and kettles to catch the water provided against any real discomfort.
  • They cleaned up the dust heap, set the rows of chairs in apple pie order and joined the others in the living rooms.
  • They brought to it, from the distant mountains, a spring of living water, and the floor was decked with purple carpets.
  • But this good gentleman was now getting near the end of his days, and, in fact, ceased living in the world before the close of the year.
  • While he talked it seemed to Corinna that she was living in some absurd comedy, which mimicked life but was only acting, not reality.
  • The climate is so warm in the valleys that the people living there cannot work so hard as they do in the United States.
  • They are both hunters after a living prey, nearly related to tyrants and thieves, and the Sophist is the cousin of the parasite and flatterer.

Short Example Sentence for Living

  • There was no living thing in sight.
  • They all rushed in from the living room.
  • Every living thing sleeps soundly.
  • The jet in the living room was lighted.
  • There are people living in nearly all of those houses.
  • He noticed that the living rooms were lighted up.
  • It is warm and fluid, and it is teeming with living forms.
  • Compared with Italy, living is more expensive.
  • The Chinese living in our country are peaceful and quiet.
  • But the words I use are living words, if you notice them.
  • I am living at the Lodge while I study with Madame.
  • Their different Living in the Country from the City, 470.
  • But then the distance separating the living from the dead is so great!
  • There are many other living creatures in the world besides people.
  • The least information is available for the species living in the tree tops.
  • Not all of the white people living around us were born in this country.
  • Here they are all living together, people from all over the great wide world.
  • You can do no good for a dead man; and the living are sorely in need.
  • The fact is, that living in a house affects one's sight.
  • Just fancy living alone in this great house, not a soul to speak to all day!
  • There are many negroes and Indians living in the Hot Zone now.
  • But living still--the other side.
  • Here we are, living all alone together, and I'm not boring myself a bit.

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