Loan in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Loan

1. Moreover, the loan is unnecessary. 🔊

2. The Duke of Perse was discussing the great loan question. 🔊

3. First Liberty Loan offered, May 14, 1917. 🔊

4. Don't you know that a loan ought to be gratuitous? 🔊

5. When the bonds were paid the payment became a credit on the loan account. 🔊

6. He may loan money on it she thought, and she returned to the side of his desk. 🔊

7. The French loan just before the war was not a popular success. 🔊

How to use Loan in Sentences?

1. As he hurried on to his shop, he felt in a most painful perplexity about this loan of five pounds. 🔊

2. The question under discussion relates to the loan of 5,000,000 gavvos, before mentioned. 🔊

3. A loan at this critical point would save his career, and to-morrow the money would be returned. 🔊

4. As soon as the meal was over, May asked Harold for the loan of his golden half-sovereign. 🔊

5. He rented a locomotive from his competitor and obtained the loan of engineer, Frank W. Smith. 🔊

6. The division was retained in the statute, but the amount of the loan at each of the several rates was changed. 🔊

7. The account was charged with the receipts and upon payment the loan account was credited with the full amount paid. 🔊

8. That the loan was fully subscribed is not contradicted by the small fraction of discount soon quoted on the full-paid loan. 🔊

9. I think it was after this loan of an umbrella that he again came himself, nominally to return it and incidentally to borrow something else. 🔊

10. The division of the loan conforms to my recommendation in the report, and it provides that the interest may be made payable abroad. 🔊

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