Lovable in a sentence

Definition of Lovable

Inspiring or deserving love or affection.

Short Example Sentence for Lovable

  • 1. His was a singularly lovable nature.
  • 2. Anne is as lovable a child as lives in all fiction.
  • 3. Rico was four years old and extremely lovable and good.
  • 4. Lub was a lovable camp mate, and so easily imposed upon.
  • 5. Isn't that a lovable sentiment?
  • 6. Almost as lovable and holy, he was more learned than his friend.
  • 7. There is nothing attractive in timidity, nothing lovable in fear.
  • 8. An ideal poem about as true and lovable a woman as ever poet created.
  • 9. But man! there's a lovable quirk in his character too.
  • 10. The creature is easily tamed, and becomes a lovable and not a touchy pet.
  • 11. Surely, these little Skyes are the most lovable and intelligent of all dogs.

How to use Lovable in a Sentence?

  • 1. She condoned his faults; she saw nothing but that which was lovable in his weakness.
  • 2. This was to be the last, then, of his intercourse with a warmhearted and lovable people.
  • 3. From his earliest years he had taken him for granted, as a most undeniable and lovable fact.
  • 4. It was not possible to look on with patience while a man so lovable thwarted love at every step.
  • 5. The church and the city owe an unmeasured debt of gratitude to this unselfish and lovable man.
  • 6. Even my own little wife is somewhat mysterious still to me, though always in a lovable way.
  • 7. The heroine is a strange, sweet mixture of pride, wilfulness and lovable courage.
  • 8. But Prince remains the same incorrigible, loving and lovable rogue he has always been.
  • 9. And despite her crippled condition, Djedda was a most wonderful and lovable dog.
  • 10. She was a gentle and lovable girl, and Bell fell completely in love with his pupil.
  • 11. His wife is a confirmed invalid, but one of the most refined and lovable women I ever saw.
  • 12. But by watching and resolutely putting on the brake he grew up one of the sweetest-tempered and most lovable of men.
  • 13. There is really no limit to the number of quotations that one could cull to give a picture of this most lovable man.
  • 14. Nothing in him is more lovable than this passionate hero-worship; and what quality is more lovable or more common in the ordinary man?
  • 15. Mademoiselle so thoroughly lovable and sympathetic, that her young heart soon found room for a new affection.
  • 16. In some otherwise estimable souls one of these harmless brain cracks may be a right lovable trait of character.
  • 17. It is this finding of themselves that makes them interesting, for they are not, on the whole, lovable characters.
  • 18. There was a lovable English clergyman who did not get to the table d'hote at all.
  • 19. After a time she is transplanted to the country, where after many thrilling experiences she eventually grows into a useful and lovable young woman.
  • 20. There was nothing sweet and lovable in life that she did not connect with Amy's hereafter.
  • 21. After a time she is transplanted to the country, where after many thrilling experiences she eventually grows into a useful and lovable young woman.
  • 22. But behind their chronicle of trifles, their small fancies, their little vanities, one is aware of an intensely loving and lovable personality.
  • 23. Always think the best about others, and believe the best, and you will grow to be open-hearted, friendly, lovable and big.
  • 24. You saw in him only an amiable and lovable young man, who was to succeed the most virtuous and lovable of sovereigns, Victoria.
  • 25. Until he found that, notwithstanding, Christina remained always in his thoughts the prettiest, the most lovable of them all.
  • 26. He looked with new interest upon this serene, lovable little chap, who was growing up, like all princes, in the shadow of disaster.
  • 27. It was thus Loyd found her when he came, and, to his thinking, she was more charming, more lovable than ever.
  • 28. Never again will the Julfa alleys be so peaceful and lovable as yesterday, when they offered a haven from the howling bigots of Isfahan.
  • 29. The Margerisons' uncle had not been a lovable man; Hilary could not pretend that he had loved him.