Love in a sentence

Definition of Love

(transitive, obsolete or Britain dialectal) To praise; commend. | (transitive, obsolete or Britain dialectal) To praise as of value; prize; set a price on. | (racquet sports, billiards) Zero, no score.

How to use Love in a Sentence?

  • And hence the length, the breadth, and the depth of his love could not have been manifested.
  • Her love of display costs money, and has compelled her husband to resort to fraudulent practices.
  • You know I cannot love that girl, and we cannot continue in this wretched life.
  • I do love you better than I love my life, and you are the only person I love better than music.
  • And then, in pathetic phrases, Hubert tried to explain why he could never love Emily.
  • Not a single syllable of gratitude for the generous love that had so forgotten self in admiration for another.
  • We give our love for our own sakes, but we do not give ourselves for love's sake.
  • But if he had a disposition to love most those things that were inferior and less worthy, then his dispositions were vicious.
  • The beautiful feeling or emotion of love is merely the blossom which precedes the formation of true virtue in the heart.
  • If he had created no such beings, there would have been no eye in the universe, except his own, to admire and to love his works.
  • Disappointed love seemed the only conceivable reason, but I rejected it as being quite inconceivable.
  • She hates the theatre; it gives her neuralgia; but she attends all the first nights because her one passion is to be made love to in public.
  • I don't think any of them love you as I do, and always did ever since that day.
  • How soon I learned to love that very darkness, and to leap up and down those very stairs even in the darkness!
  • It struck me he would not be much older, and I had learned to love him too well in his infantine and affecting weakness.
  • If God could save us by a word, how can it display his love to require such immense sufferings in order to save us?
  • He lacked those views of truth, and those feelings of reverence and love to God, without which true obedience is impossible.
  • I love my dear old Jack, and would not have him beaten for worlds, although he is so wicked as to break the mowing-machine.
  • Steve was constantly and persistently and loudly and elaborately making love to that mulatto girl and distressing the life out of her and worrying the old mother to death.
  • We must both possess the entire love and confidence of our consorts, so as to be able to intervene energetically and decisively should they come to blows.

Short Example Sentence for Love

  • Why should she love him?
  • I learnt to love you.
  • And yet she cannot but love him!
  • We both of us love to rule.
  • I naturally love her very much.
  • Can he be said to love the reprobate at all?
  • I love it, and cannot profane it.
  • I thought he loved me; but his love was only selfishness.
  • An interesting tale of love and intrigue....
  • Overture attested his love of Scotch scenery.
  • I am vexed, and I do not love myself for being vexed.
  • It is cruel of you, for you know I love you.
  • And it was the remembrance of my love for him that made me burst out crying.
  • Many girls would love it," explained Elinor.
  • He had never inspired love in any one, except perhaps Emily.
  • I do not conceal from you,' she said, 'that I love you very much.
  • Her love of Mr. Burnett, and then that bitter and passionate change in him!
  • You think, I suppose, that I'm in love with Hubert?
  • He'll probably be in love with the next girl who happens to look at him twice.
  • Do you know of any secret grief--any love affair?

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