Loyalty in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Loyalty

  • 1. There is the duty of loyalty or patriotism. 🔊

  • 2. Complete loyalty to the principal of the school. 🔊

  • 3. It showed your loyalty to us. 🔊

  • 4. And to their loyalty they began to add ambition. 🔊

  • 5. In his admiration and loyalty he had not wavered for a second. 🔊

  • 6. Was her loyalty to her father overcoming her loyalty to the king? 🔊

  • 7. Much of this local loyalty is not without its commendable qualities. 🔊

  • 8. Her loyalty to her ideals of freedom and religion is to meet its reward. 🔊

  • 9. But even under such a test as this his loyalty to his friend stood firm. 🔊

  • 10. As though planning loyalty instead of desertion--treachery! 🔊

How to use Loyalty in Sentences?

  • 1. Therefore in fighting for the reputation of his parents he is practicing loyalty to an ideal. 🔊

  • 2. But she prided herself on her loyalty to the successive partners of her dismal adventures. 🔊

  • 3. It begins with loyalty to persons, with that devotion which begins with affection. 🔊

  • 4. Patriotism and loyalty as moving causes had disappeared, but religion fiercely took their place. 🔊

  • 5. It had taken all his courage and strength and loyalty to refuse it, but Ruth had helped him. 🔊

  • 6. Under the Commonwealth, Stowell had for his loyalty suffered fine and imprisonment. 🔊

  • 7. Above all Bonnycastle pledged himself for the loyalty of the Irish Catholic priesthood. 🔊

  • 8. Indeed, its teachings really explain the puzzle of Indian loyalty to the British Government. 🔊

  • 9. We may always have and need denominational loyalty just as we shall always have and need patriotism. 🔊

  • 10. Do men mean to say that loyalty and sincerity should not be or could not be expected to be found in women? 🔊

  • 11. It was easier to sell his loyalty to her for two hundred and fifty francs than to betray her for five hundred. 🔊

  • 12. He wondered if the day would ever come when she would exercise the same loyalty and staunchness on his behalf. 🔊

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