Luck in a sentence

Definition of Luck

(intransitive) To succeed by chance. | (intransitive) To rely on luck. | (transitive) To carry out relying on luck.

How to use Luck in a Sentence?

  • What a bit of luck 'twould have been for you if you'd come back and found me dead.
  • I expect to get a letter any day now, giving the special trip that luck has picked out for me.
  • I had tolerable good luck in the forenoon, and landed on a rocky island to cook dinner.
  • He had the good luck to find one, presently, grazing in a pasture at the roadside.
  • But as good luck would have it, it was almost evening, and the seven dwarfs soon came home.
  • Val looked at her thoughtfully, wondering if she were the result of her ill luck or the cause of it.
  • As ill luck would have it, she took it into her head to be very fond of me, and became intolerably jealous.
  • As ill luck would have it, my poetical temperament began to ferment within me, and to work out new troubles.
  • She would have looked upon it as another piece of her extraordinary good luck if, by dying, she had been of service to anybody.
  • But this has nothing to do with our Beggars who have chosen art as an unemployment and with whom accident or bad luck is deliberately chronic.
  • I was acquainted with an old fisherman of that place, and agreed to go out with him the next morning, to see what luck he had with the fish.
  • As ill luck would have it, a fox was found in the morning with his leg broken, instead of a plant-eating rabbit.
  • They were friends, and Hans began to talk about his luck and how he always came off best in his exchanges.
  • Henceforward, they came back no more, but the shoemaker fared well as long as he lived, and had good luck in all his undertakings.

Short Example Sentence for Luck

  • But no such luck for him.
  • Down in the luck like myself.
  • Your luck frightens me.
  • This is hard luck on us.
  • I must try my luck further off.
  • May good luck go with us!
  • Plague on it, what ill luck is this?
  • For long his luck held good.
  • Ill luck can always come to mothers.
  • No good luck them pearls...
  • By good luck he lived long enough to make his will.
  • But his luck was still against him, and he lost the game.
  • Unless luck turned or he could get help he would go down.
  • His present streak of luck could not last, he knew.
  • Yet Eaton has not had the luck of fame.
  • What wonderful luck brings you to Washington?
  • Attend thy will, Nor luck thy movements bless.
  • The ill luck in the case of Major Bretherton seemed cruel.
  • You have ever your share of what floating luck the world affords.
  • That he could not take his ill luck with equanimity was equally clear.
  • As luck would have it, this was a company night in the boarding-house.
  • The harder bad luck tried to down him, the more fiercely he rose in rebellion.
  • His luck had set him free, and he didn't owe me anything.
  • This time I'm hoping that luck will be on yer side.
  • I feel it in my bones that we're going to have better luck from now on.
  • Thank your honour!--good luck to you!

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