Lucky in a sentence

Definition of Lucky

(of people) Favoured by luck; fortunate; having good success or good fortune | Producing, or resulting in, good fortune

How to use Lucky in a Sentence?

  • When he came up to the boys, he told them it was lucky that they did not go with him.
  • At times, the sand was so deep that he felt lucky if he averaged fifteen or twenty miles an hour.
  • I'd have to stan' by and see ye carried off some fine day by whoever was lucky enough to get ye.
  • Art lucky to have seen it; now, The boisterous guests, I feel, are coming straight.
  • Jack, who was so delighted with the bargain that he ran all the way home to tell his mother how lucky he had been.
  • It had never crossed his mind that the poet should be counted lucky to know the squire and not the squire to know the poet.
  • I put on an unconscious easy manner, which was such a dismal failure that it was lucky for me that they were too much engrossed to notice it.
  • He made several lucky hits; but in the long run he found that the balance was setting steadily against him.
  • However lucky the moucher may be among pheasants, partridge, or grouse, rabbits are and must be the chief product of his nights.
  • Josh had a go for Weech's door, to cut his lucky out at the back, but was caught.

Short Example Sentence for Lucky

  • It was lucky for us he did.
  • How lucky that he had heeded it!
  • We are lucky to get you at all.
  • A lucky thought of mine!
  • She was very lucky for she sold more than she expected.
  • Hickson was universally congratulated on his lucky escape.
  • It was lucky he was fond of worms and grubs.
  • It's lucky you don't.
  • He was lucky enough to find her alone in her kitchen.
  • It was lucky if none of them fell into the frying-pan.
  • Perhaps four is a lucky and five an unlucky number.
  • My word, it was lucky you happened to come up.
  • Well, a man is lucky if he goes off quick.
  • We're lucky if it ain't us.
  • It is lucky I met you.
  • It's lucky Drummond wasn't here.
  • It's lucky we've got the stream with us, to take us home.
  • And I am a very lucky girl, John.
  • At the fifth shot, by a lucky fluke, Chook rang the bell.
  • We're lucky to get these.
  • You're rich and lucky and healthy.
  • It's lucky that all our card games are over.
  • If you needed it, and were so lucky as to have it offered you, you took it.
  • Then he stepped aside to let another lucky man cash a winning ticket.
  • A lucky shot killed the horse of his foremost pursuer, and he escaped.
  • He had, after years of struggle and defeat, made a lucky strike.
  • A lucky half crown, my deary; but that's not for you now.
  • He 's the son of Lucky Magarry, the pedler.
  • You're lucky if she don't sink on you before we get to Descanso Bay.
  • Hans marched on, thinking: "What a lucky fellow I am.

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