Lucrative in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Lucrative

1. But it was not a lucrative practice. 🔊

2. She found it a pleasant and lucrative position. 🔊

3. I have got you a lucrative and respectable situation. 🔊

4. Truly the parasite's exertions are lucrative to himself! 🔊

5. In his next year he succeeded his father in his lucrative office. 🔊

6. To Hawes any practice that was not lucrative was bad practice. 🔊

7. Dunwood House was the largest and most lucrative of the boarding-houses. 🔊

8. There is no hope of putting any more Turks into lucrative offices in Egypt. 🔊

9. In the name of his superior, Chief Byrnes, he offered lucrative reward. 🔊

How to use Lucrative in Sentences?

1. He was even arrested for debt when he enjoyed a lucrative practice at the courts. 🔊

2. After a year or so at that kind of work, they can apply for more lucrative positions. 🔊

3. The island is lucrative to free labor, but not worth possession on other terms. 🔊

4. In you there is only business, lucrative undertakings, speculative combinations. 🔊

5. Ceci devrait constituer une situation lucrative dans le monde; alors je serais riche! 🔊

6. She had a practical side, and she would have made that boarding-house lucrative if circumstances had not been against her. 🔊

7. Marzavan was not forgotten, but was given a lucrative post at court, with a promise of further advancement. 🔊

8. Practical gardeners may find the management of bees for their employers, to be quite a lucrative part of their profession. 🔊

9. Have this moment secured a large and important contract assuring two years' lucrative work. 🔊

10. These, having no lucrative objects in prospect, are taken very much out of the lower orders of the people. 🔊

11. Instead of being a burden to them, it became a lucrative property, yielding twenty per cent profit for many years. 🔊

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