Lustrous in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Lustrous

1. That flashed a lustrous beauty all around. 🔊

2. His eyes were almond shaped but lustrous and full of fire. 🔊

3. The very first poem, 'The Weeper,' is lustrous with it. 🔊

4. But through this lustrous varnish, the reality is ever shining. 🔊

5. She had also lustrous brown eyes; but these were full of tears. 🔊

6. The eyes are lustrous and handsome, beneath finely arched brows. 🔊

7. The lustrous orb of Jackson had just set in an ocean of splendor. 🔊

8. Graced with each high imperial mark, His skin is soft and lustrous dark. 🔊

9. With dry lustrous eyes Tom Emmett bade his brother go and open the door. 🔊

How to use Lustrous in Sentences?

1. Moon unto sun for light no more beholden, Now from more lustrous sun returns all golden. 🔊

2. By her side stood a fair Spanish beauty, with braided hair, and large lustrous eyes. 🔊

3. Elaine was aware he was making ready for more than an ordinary adventure, as she watched him with her wide and lustrous eyes. 🔊

4. After twelve centuries the ink is as black and lustrous and the colors are as fresh and soft as though but the work of yesterday. 🔊

5. The color should be a lustrous greenish black throughout, being somewhat brighter in the drake than in the duck. 🔊

6. She flowered now beneath the sun of those dark lustrous eyes and the soft rain of that admiration from the greatest dramatic poet in the world. 🔊

7. For an instant her lustrous eyes met mine, and she at once lowered them with a downward sweep of her long dark lashes. 🔊

8. The countenance was of sun-bright witchery, lustrous as an elf of summer laughing out of a full-blown rose. 🔊

9. The gaze did not falter, and the deep, lustrous eyes held the man enthralled in their liquid depths. 🔊