Made in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Made

1. The following modifications have been made to the text. 🔊

2. A survey of this region was made in 1900. 🔊

3. No satisfaction is made to retributive justice. 🔊

4. The meaning made clearer by denial of the contrary. 🔊

5. If the question were, Can a body be made to move? 🔊

6. He sees that it really cannot be made to answer such a purpose. 🔊

7. Now, it is very true, that Christ has made a satisfaction to divine justice. 🔊

8. I made him just and right; Sufficient to have stood, though free to fall. 🔊

How to use Made in Sentences?

1. The noise made at night by hungry mules who have no fodder is very distressing. 🔊

2. One cannot help thinking largely because they made little attempt to save themselves. 🔊

3. The meaning of the topic sentence made clearer; the new conception of history defined. 🔊

4. Prose, in particular narrative and descriptive prose, is made vivid by the same means. 🔊

5. Earnings from other sources are of such a favorable character as to enable a splendid showing to be made by the company. 🔊

6. This confusion is perpetually made in the "great demonstration" from foreknowledge in favour of necessity. 🔊

7. An exception may be made of sentences of transition, indicating the relation between the parts of an exposition or argument. 🔊

8. Every effort has been made to replicate this text as faithfully as possible, including inconsistencies in spelling and hyphenation. 🔊

9. A feeding-bag full of grain held out coaxingly at arm's length made the pony laugh. 🔊

10. In both the examples above, before correction, the word properly related to the second passive is made the subject of the first. 🔊

11. Patricia screwed up her face into a mocking protest and had opened her lips, when the sound of the elevator made them start eagerly to the door. 🔊

12. It has been made memorable to me by the vagaries of a certain Bhutya pony ridden by an officer who was accompanying me. 🔊

13. I occupied a hut, which contained a fireplace, and would have made myself cosy and warm if the fire had not always smoked. 🔊