Malicious in a sentence

Definition of Malicious

Of, pertaining to, or as a result of malice or spite | spiteful and deliberately harmful

How to use Malicious in a Sentence?

  • There was something forbidding and malicious in it, and a sort of dread crept over him.
  • Kindly listeners hardly knew how to take him, while the malicious made mischief.
  • Clem was ready with a malicious description, whereto her husband attended very carefully.
  • Frank knew the merry singers were sophomores, the malicious and unrelenting foes of all freshmen.
  • And this, too, not meaning to do harm to any one, nor wishing to be malicious or mean.
  • They are very glad to see a Spaniard arrive, when they know that he is not a malicious person.
  • She had a character which could leave people to their mean and malicious delights for very contempt.
  • The yellow-whiskered one will not be glad to see me," he added with a malicious grin.
  • A company of wild and reckless men were carousing there at the time, and our arrival was the signal for an outbreak of malicious mischief.
  • Swiftly he bore the hapless bird to his wife's chamber, his eyes sparkling with malicious glee.
  • Could the most revengeful fiend, the most malicious vagrant in the gloom of hell, sink to a lower moral depth than this?
  • What he does not like is a crowd that regards him as a subtle blend of incompetent idiot and malicious scoundrel, and says so very loud and clear.
  • It would seem wellnigh certain that they must be prompted by malicious fiends wishing to lure men on to destruction in the surest way.
  • The look on his face as he rolled his eyes toward Merriwell before leaving the room was malicious in the extreme.
  • Thus in the hands of an unskilled or malicious diplomacy, any question which was originally a judicial one may become a question of national honor.
  • But even in this gay city there was one spot of gloom, one place where sullen rancor had not been ousted by malicious merriment.
  • He was a forbidding-looking creature, with a hard face, divided in its expression between evil thoughts and a malicious humor.
  • His face held you with a pair of restless grey eyes, the colour and temper of steel, deep with malicious intelligence.
  • But we afterwards learned that perhaps superstition also led them to sell us this site, in the malicious hope that it would prove our ruin.
  • Then, with a malicious chuckle, he took a firmer grip of his reins, and his jaded horses raised their drooping heads.
  • So, as he was at the city, he took the opportunity to pass himself off for me; perhaps for the sake of a joke, perhaps from more malicious motives.
  • So she would appear, with head erect, before a cold, malicious world, and not a note would falter in her throat.
  • Thorndyke reflected a while, running his eye over the notes on the slips of paper in his hand, and Marchmont surveyed him with a malicious smile.
  • English witches meet, also, innumerable kittens on the Sabbath and show the scars of wounds inflicted by the malicious animals.
  • The Mourioche is a malicious demon of bestial nature, able, it would seem, to transform himself into any animal shape he chooses.
  • The idea of the evil spirit, malicious and revengeful, is common to all primitive peoples, and Brittany has its full share of demonology.
  • He saw that the poor boy was being frightened as he had never been before by the malicious fun of the veterans in pouring into his ears stories of the awful character of the rebel cavalry.

Short Example Sentence for Malicious

  • A malicious young viper!
  • One hopes that he quoted it with malicious intention.
  • It plainly discourages anonymous and malicious attacks.
  • The malicious green eyes were staring beyond them.
  • Relent, malicious and evil-minded monster!
  • The Dawsons are malicious people.
  • Micmac John cast a malicious glance at old Douglas.
  • He should listen to their complaints, but not to their malicious reports.
  • These men ought not to have been 'shown up' for a comic or malicious effect.
  • He could believe it, watching the subtle, malicious daring of her face.
  • No base malicious Thoughts his Peace annoy: Are others happy?
  • A malicious demon, 101 MUeLLER, W. MAX.
  • Pete looked up, turning his cruel eyes with a malicious grin on O'Brien.

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