Mammals in a sentence

Definition of Mammals

plural of mammal

How to use Mammals in a Sentence?

  • Most of the information reported here on the larger mammals was gleaned from the above sources.
  • All of our domestic mammals and birds are plagued by one or more species of lice.
  • Besides this, they captured birds and smaller mammals by means of snares and traps.
  • Ecologic relationships of four small mammals in western Washington.
  • But we cannot trace man or any of the contemporary mammals back to the Miocene.
  • Two were caught in live-traps set for small mammals in deep forest among granite outcrops.
  • Six additions to the list of Quebec mammals with descriptions of four new forms.
  • In the Oolite System, mostly consisting of calcareous beds, mammals make their appearance.
  • At first Soemmerring and Wagler would have placed the Pterodactyle between mammals and birds.
  • Variation among insular mammals of Georgia Strait, British Columbia.
  • In some of the higher mammals it is a rudiment, which does not extend beyond the soft parts of the body.
  • It has been thought possible that it may represent one of the bones which among mammals are diminutive and are included in the internal ear.
  • Birds and lesser mammals do much to plant trees when they carry away, for immediate or future use, seeds that are not winged for flight.

Short Example Sentence for Mammals

  • Later on were developed the mammals and the birds.
  • The mammals of Veracruz.
  • In all, over 60 species of mammals live in the park.
  • Wild mammals of Virginia.
  • The mammals of Virginia.
  • The mammals of Connecticut.
  • Zoogeography of the montane mammals of Colorado.
  • Notes on small mammals of Utah.
  • The mammals and life zones of Oregon.
  • Fur-bearing mammals of California....
  • The mammals of Illinois and Wisconsin.
  • The Recent mammals of Idaho.
  • Five new mammals from British Columbia.
  • Noteworthy mammals from Sinaloa, Mexico.
  • Studies on some of the small mammals of central New York.
  • Notes on the small mammals of Churchill, Manitoba.
  • Breeding dates of small mammals at Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • In the following series of rocks mammals increase in abundance.
  • Fore limbs in four types of mammals 38 15.
  • These insects are destroyed by birds, small mammals or other insects.
  • Additional records and extensions of ranges of mammals from Utah.
  • The insectivorous mammals have much the same history with the Rodents.
  • Additional records and extension of ranges of mammals from Utah.
  • Additional records and extension of ranges of mammals from Utah.
  • We should thus have both placental and Marsupial mammals in the Mesozoic.
  • Notes on some mammals of the southern Canadian Rocky Mountains.
  • The status of mammals in the U.S. National Park System, 1947.

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