Manage in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Manage

1. And he did manage it gradely. 🔊

2. But they manage to have it on the sly for all that. 🔊

3. How the deuce did you manage it? 🔊

4. But how did they manage to get so tipsy? 🔊

5. We never could manage him. 🔊

6. How should he manage to get himself taken prisoner? 🔊

7. Ladykin knew perfectly well how to manage everything. 🔊

8. When he died in 1847, we began to manage it ourselves. 🔊

9. Well, then, we must manage the best way we can. 🔊

10. But I wanted a woman to manage it for me. 🔊

11. I saw that I must manage better next time, and I did. 🔊

12. How would you manage in worse difficulties? ANT. 🔊

13. He "thought he knew how to manage his own business. 🔊

14. Patricia looked as nearly sulky as she could ever manage to be. 🔊

15. They'll manage to spring the trap and carry off the bait. 🔊

16. But I don't see how you manage to do it. 🔊

17. There was Niclaus's prau to manage that in. 🔊

18. I ought to tell you that I manage to make the most of every opportunity. 🔊

19. I thought to myself, "How differently we all manage here! 🔊

20. Dr. Haug has tasted it, but could only manage one teaspoonful. 🔊

How to use Manage in Sentences?

1. His attachment to the horse arises from the courage and address required to manage it. 🔊

2. Despite her best efforts, the fact and manner of his death did manage to upset her, disastrously. 🔊

3. Statesmen, generals, outlaws, all make their big mistakes and manage to recover. 🔊