Manifested in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Manifested

1. They manifested no disposition to surrender. 🔊

2. And a new development manifested itself. 🔊

3. The friendliness manifested by the chiefs, however, was far from solid. 🔊

4. Not much surprise was manifested when Alan made the announcement. 🔊

How to use Manifested in Sentences?

1. This no one can deny who knows aught of the love of moral truth manifested by the slaves of this country. 🔊

2. The professor listened with serious attention, but manifested neither astonishment nor scepticism. 🔊

3. Instead of anger and resistance, however, the natives only manifested friendly signs of welcome. 🔊

4. The woman seemed to be much gratified at the interest I manifested in her people. 🔊

5. If he had manifested a different spirit, I would have thrown him out of the window. 🔊

6. A few members of NNGA have manifested an interest in the honey locust and the Chinese jujube. 🔊

7. Whether life phenomena can be manifested by any mixture of compounds simpler than the cell we do not yet know. 🔊

8. I know the feeling which is in your minds, and which has manifested itself in numerous criticisms of my ideas. 🔊

9. We see this feeling manifested every day in the aversion which some individuals manifest to certain animals. 🔊

10. That men now possess the same powers of body and mind that they always manifested is disputed by no intelligent individual. 🔊

11. I found a great interest manifested in my premiere, and socially everything was done to make me happy. 🔊

12. Ella had listened attentively to the physicians words, but not the slightest emotion was manifested by her, when he announced that she was dying. 🔊

13. Yet it had a feeling rarely manifested even in the affectionate dog, and a knowledge never shown by any mere animal. 🔊

14. The greatest desire was manifested by all classes of persons to be buried in the cemetery of the Templars. 🔊

15. Can the justice of God be manifested only at the expense of his mercy, and his mercy only at the expense of his justice? 🔊

16. A bale of cotton, suddenly introduced into polite society, could have manifested no more stupendous lack of resource than they. 🔊

17. The interest manifested by this old woman, was that usually shown to all persons in distress by the faithful slave of the South. 🔊