Manifests in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Manifests

1. Thus musical genius manifests itself. 🔊

2. This inward corruption manifests itself in outward actions. 🔊

3. Mentally it manifests itself in a marvellous faculty for anticipating danger. 🔊

4. It is in a man's work that he manifests what he is. 🔊

5. What often manifests itself from the want of proper intervals of rest? 🔊

6. This lack of nerve control manifests itself in various ways. 🔊

7. The play impulse manifests itself among these people in various ways. 🔊

How to use Manifests in Sentences?

1. In the twenty-seventh month the activity of thought manifests itself already in various ways. 🔊

2. How this great idea manifests itself in the lives of the enthusiasts of the days of Cromwell! 🔊

3. Power also manifests earnestness; power means energy; power implies a conqueror. 🔊

4. Let us now attempt to trace some of the various ways in which this feeling after the infinite manifests itself. 🔊

5. Its object is not this or that particular thing, but the universal which manifests itself in the particular. 🔊

6. It is a fact that in some cases sickness at the stomach manifests itself almost simultaneously with the act of fecundation. 🔊

7. Enthusiastic devotion to unworldly ends has not diminished; it only manifests itself in new directions. 🔊

8. This institution of the natural is the vocal note, where the inward idea manifests itself in adequate utterance. 🔊

9. God manifests himself to us by the idea of the true, by the idea of the good, by the idea of the beautiful. 🔊

10. His proper {329} sphere is the universal as it manifests itself in the particular, not the universal as it is in itself. 🔊

11. Religion, emphasizing points of agreement and ignoring points of difference, manifests itself in its works as never before. 🔊