Married in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Married

1. It had had to do with a married woman. 🔊

2. I could not have married him. 🔊

3. Calloway married you next. 🔊

4. She married an officer. 🔊

5. Got married that night. 🔊

6. Was married to this stranger woman. 🔊

7. And him a married party, too! 🔊

8. But it was in all good faith that he married our mother. 🔊

9. I a new married man at sixty-five! 🔊

10. The Friar confesses that it was he who married them. 🔊

11. He is to be married next week, to a lady of high fortune. 🔊

12. Miss Fairclough here is engaged to be married to him. 🔊

13. She had been married three months to Daker. 🔊

14. Artimisia Briggs got married not long after refusing me. 🔊

15. You to be married to Frank Rochdale! 🔊

16. Presently I married Rossiter. 🔊

17. Gabriel, the son of Benjamin, married Esther Cordes. 🔊

18. Both had married young, and were faithful husbands and devoted fathers. 🔊

19. Before he married I endur'd your love. 🔊

20. I have nothing left then to possess, but the Shame of having married you! 🔊

21. Because she's married to a Desmond herself, for another. 🔊

How to use Married in Sentences?

1. She was in reality single, but she exacted the married title as a point of respect. 🔊

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