Match in a sentence 🔊

Definition of Match

(intransitive) To agree; to be equal; to correspond. | (transitive) To agree with; to be equal to; to correspond to. | (transitive) To make a successful match or pairing. | (transitive) To equal or exceed in achievement. | (obsolete) To unite in marriage, to mate.

Short Sentences for Match

  • 1. He won the match by being better trained. 🔊
  • 2. He struck a match and looked round. 🔊
  • 3. Then the match burnt his fingers and he dropped it. 🔊
  • 4. There is no scene in modern literature to match it. 🔊
  • 5. I would have contrived a young woman to match them. 🔊
  • 6. He thrust the flaring match among the shavings. 🔊
  • 7. MacRae bent and raked the match along a flat stone. 🔊
  • 8. Sancha Mary, a match for her considered, 113-115. 🔊
  • 9. But they've met their match in her, I'll warrant. 🔊
  • 10. I'm going to touch a match to it. 🔊
  • 11. It was with great difficulty that she struck a match and lighted a candle. 🔊
  • 12. Well, the jewel is on her breast and a ring to match is on her finger. 🔊
  • 13. Someone struck a match and looked at his face; it was smeared with blood. 🔊
  • 14. I determined the match should not take place, cost what it might. 🔊
  • 15. As another match was struck she saw the man's face. 🔊
  • 16. It was to reveal her to himself as the match of the women of the Sagas. 🔊
  • 17. Now a match was struck, and a quick view taken of the wash-house. 🔊
  • 18. He was an old gentleman, one side of whose face was no match for the other. 🔊

How to use Match in Sentences?

  • 1. He now tried to match the gunpowder tales of the stranger by others equally tremendous. 🔊
  • 2. Then he stood up and began to talk, fingering a match with horrible suggestiveness. 🔊
  • 3. The soft glow of the match spread in the windless air, penetrating the darkness. 🔊
  • 4. From a waterproof pouch in his khaki suit, he produced a match and lighted the candle. 🔊