Metamorphosis in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Metamorphosis

1. The metamorphosis was perfect. 🔊

2. The metamorphosis was magical. 🔊

3. Their metamorphosis is unknown. 🔊

4. When and how had this metamorphosis come about? 🔊

5. How wonderful the metamorphosis in all around him! 🔊

6. Metabolous: undergoing metamorphosis or transformation. 🔊

7. Insects, metamorphosis of, 166. 🔊

8. Indirect: applied to metamorphosis = complete. 🔊

9. Direct: applied to metamorphosis = incomplete. 🔊

10. St. Patrick, what a metamorphosis is this? 🔊

11. Experience does not teach the decay but the metamorphosis of individuality. 🔊

How to use Metamorphosis in Sentences?

1. Was she the one to bring about the metamorphosis which her mother so confidently predicted? 🔊

2. This double metamorphosis cost thirty thousand francs more than her husband had anticipated. 🔊

3. The doctrine of metamorphosis of parts soon came to be regarded as of fundamental importance. 🔊

4. Archiptera: those Neuroptera with incomplete metamorphosis = Pseudo-neuroptera. 🔊

5. Hence you may conclude that the metamorphosis to which you invite me would perhaps be more agreeable to you than to me. 🔊

6. To such an extent does the metamorphosis reach, that very often they are scarcely recognisable. 🔊