Mission in a sentence

Definition of Mission

(transitive) To send on a mission. | do missionary work, proselytize | (countable) A set of tasks that fulfills a purpose or duty; an assignment set by an employer.

Short Example Sentence for Mission

  • 1. My mission has been fulfilled.
  • 2. Her mission was accomplished.
  • 3. For the nonce this was mission enough.
  • 4. She had been taking him on some mission of clothes.
  • 5. Will you undertake a mission from me to this maiden?
  • 6. I need not say how our mission failed.
  • 7. My work is done; I have no mission more.
  • 8. Heroines of the Mission Field.
  • 9. Moreover, there are no telephones in the Mission Mountains.
  • 10. He killed a friend of mine last night at Mission Springs.
  • 11. Cushing, Caleb, mission to Spain, 119-124.
  • 12. Schofield, J. M., informal mission to France, 227.
  • 13. Pep hurried on his mission and returned with the officers sent for.
  • 14. He had ridden down one night and had reached the mission at dawn.
  • 15. The noblest mission this of youth's estate.
  • 16. They tell him he has a special disposition for mission work, too.
  • 17. Emad-ed-deen resolved to commence his mission by the solemn call to prayer.
  • 18. It only needed the word of assent to start Frank on his mission of rescue.
  • 19. His mission will be done, and it may mean the redemption of the State.
  • 20. At three o'clock they struck north for the Mission Mountains.

How to use Mission in a Sentence?

  • 1. It was because he was torn by doubts as to her mission that he was thus perturbed in spirit.
  • 2. With great tact he performed wisely and well the difficult mission intrusted to him.
  • 3. Grief turned in the opposite direction past the front of the old mission church.
  • 4. I am in a flutter all day long, as it is, about your mission here and your real identity.
  • 5. We must obey our spiritual affinities, or our great and glorious mission will be unfulfilled.
  • 6. Beyond the Mission Mountains the sun was setting in a fire like that which glowed under her eyes.
  • 7. At the foot of the Mission Mountains they picked up the tracks of a party of three horsemen.
  • 8. In 1606 he was employed by the Government on a mission to Paris, the object of which is unknown.
  • 9. Thus the simple little parachute will have performed its useful mission in the triumphal progress of aeronautics.
  • 10. Again the hatchet had been unburied, and for the sake of security he had to bring his mission to an abrupt end.
  • 11. The object of art is the giving of pleasure; the mission of the artist is that of giving ennobling pleasure.
  • 12. But all this grandeur was no delight to her, save inasmuch as it showed that at last her mission was recognised and honoured.
  • 13. To the last, if he is true to his mission and faithful to his loyalty to reality, he will have the simplicity of the child.
  • 14. When one is spotted they dash out after it, pursue it back to its lines and prevent it from performing its mission of reconnaissance.
  • 15. Of mission architecture, when they had entered through the unlatched screen door they found decoration and furniture of the same mission style.
  • 16. Brook also laughed at Lloyd's humorous view of the way that his original mission had changed.
  • 17. Clement regarded the mission as altogether odd and risky, but he dared not raise any objection, so he simply bowed low and sighed deeply.
  • 18. From the beginning the Spanish establishments in the Philippines were a mission and not in the proper sense of the term a colony.
  • 19. Brook prepared an explanation that shattered any hopes that Lloyd may have had for the success of his mission to Phoride.
  • 20. On leaving the commandant, James at once summoned the two hunters to his hut, and told them the mission he had received.