Movement in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Movement

1. Renouard made a slight movement of impatience. 🔊

2. He made no movement to mount his horse. 🔊

3. He nodded with a peculiar forward movement of his head. 🔊

4. The strong brown hand made a movement and was empty. 🔊

5. I turned presently, a movement of enquiry. 🔊

6. Hindman's movement had been a complete success. 🔊

7. Quite generally they mistook the forward movement for an immediate charge. 🔊

8. Without commotion or muscular movement the other man became alert and tense. 🔊

9. Everything depends on the movement to capture Independence and Lexington. 🔊

How to use Movement in Sentences?

1. The movement of this tool is much the same as that of the tool in a screw cutting lathe. 🔊

2. He made a movement as if to rise, but was restrained by the convulsive pressure on his wrist. 🔊

3. She changed the subject sharply, not without it movement toward gratifying her own curiosity. 🔊

4. The Hegelian dialectic may be also described as a movement from the simple to the complex. 🔊

5. Retreat now became necessary, and by a steady movement the English fell back upon their camp. 🔊

6. As I did so I heard the soft rustle of her movement and the click of the key in her bedroom door. 🔊

7. Drawing a chair close to her visitor, she sat down with a movement that was protecting and reassuring. 🔊

8. These small snakes are capable of rapid movement and quickly disappear in the litter on the ground. 🔊

9. There was seldom occasion for him to say so, but just now there had been a pause before we repeated the first movement of the anthem. 🔊

10. She had made no movement of surprise or resentment, for there was neither surprise nor resentment in her heart. 🔊

11. With a lovely protective movement the older woman put her arm about the girl's shoulders. 🔊