Mysterious in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Mysterious

1. It made all women-kind mysterious to me. 🔊

2. He understood the amusing if mysterious comedy now. 🔊

3. Then why has the sophistical art such a mysterious power? 🔊

4. This was, indeed, a mysterious affair. 🔊

5. Dave was always mysterious when he had a communication to make. 🔊

6. How mysterious that no one should talk about her as a very great wonder! 🔊

7. As for the mysterious whispering echo, they repudiated all talk of acoustics. 🔊

How to use Mysterious in Sentences?

1. And all this rational explanation of the fantastic made it only more mysterious and weird. 🔊

2. The other made a mysterious gesture with a tiny hand peeping from under his cloak. 🔊

3. Another roll-call by the mysterious heterogeneous if not hermaphroditical Carolina sergeant! 🔊

4. The invariable result of these mysterious negotiations, however, was a negative shake of the head. 🔊

5. I guessed that he had found some clue to our mysterious noise; but with Fatima it was otherwise. 🔊

6. There is a picture which possesses a singular and mysterious influence; and with which there is connected a very curious story. 🔊

7. Suddenly the window of the room overhead was opened, and a loud halloo uttered by the mysterious stranger. 🔊

8. He was as mysterious about it, and quite as obvious, as any robin darting about with a straw in its beak. 🔊

9. Between each group of figures the face of the rock was scored with mysterious signs and rudely limned weapons of war and chase. 🔊

10. He finished his sentence lamely, for he understood in some mysterious fashion that he had not said quite the right thing. 🔊

11. It was only when he rode forth on his mysterious journeys that he crowned himself with a Chinese straw helmet. 🔊

12. Not far from the beginning of the present century, practical experiment began to develop the mysterious power of steam. 🔊

13. When he was conducted to his bedroom, the landlady observed with mysterious reluctance, that he would find the window very insecure. 🔊

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