Neither in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Neither

1. What strictly neither can deserve. 🔊

2. That neither pity nor entreaties touch you? 🔊

3. I have had neither wife nor concubine beside her. 🔊

4. She felt neither grief nor fear. 🔊

5. And prematurely, too, for neither man was dead. 🔊

6. For I can neither part with her nor keep her. 🔊

7. But Byrne believed neither in walls nor bolts now. 🔊

8. I neither know him, Nor ever had I kinsman of that name. 🔊

9. He carried his parasol, but had neither his book nor his pipe with him. 🔊

10. It is therefore neither wise nor safe to try to please Azrael. 🔊

11. That was neither the time nor place to abide by the Golden Rule. 🔊

12. Wretch! whom neither honor, Nor oaths, nor pity could control or move! 🔊

How to use Neither in Sentences?

1. Bamtz was such a craven, and neither of the other men would have cared what happened to her. 🔊

2. Both must be seen in union, or neither can be seen in the fulness of its glory. 🔊

3. They were ubiquitous; stolid obstructions that we could neither avoid nor ride down. 🔊

4. I want neither thy perfumes nor thy spices, nor the throbbing hearts of thy slaves. 🔊

5. I exclaimed about it, but Susy said she could see nothing there, neither cat nor table-cloth. 🔊