Nerve in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Nerve

1. The auditory nerve is anesthetic. 🔊

2. Then he had the nerve to ask her to marry him. 🔊

3. All it needs is more nerve supply. 🔊

4. Every nerve in her body was at a tension. 🔊

5. Deane felt every nerve of his body at rest. 🔊

6. Lack of victuals shook his nerve and made him timid. 🔊

7. A little ingenuity, a little nerve and recklessness. 🔊

8. The local atmosphere was overcharged, nerve racked. 🔊

9. Invoke the mother Kali; nerve your arm with valour. 🔊

10. Both these generals were straining every nerve to outstrip each other. 🔊

11. Every nerve in her body leapt for joy when she saw the bottle. 🔊

12. He was a splendid physical machine of brawn and sinew and nerve and muscle. 🔊

13. It takes nerve to penetrate the enemy's camp. 🔊

14. Every limb was at rest, every nerve seemed lulled into quiescence. 🔊

15. It took nerve to beard us that way, when one comes to think it over. 🔊

16. I don't believe I have nerve enough to be a spy. 🔊

How to use Nerve in Sentences?

1. She bore the grisly business of having her head sewn up with the nerve of a martyr. 🔊

2. If this sort of thing were to go on she felt that it would break her nerve entirely. 🔊

3. Thus for nearly five minutes he lay inert, but every nerve on the keenest edge. 🔊

4. I always thought you had about as much nerve as an oyster, but I take it all back. 🔊