New in a sentence

Definition of New

Recently made, or created. | Additional; recently discovered. | Current or later, as opposed to former.

How to use New in a Sentence?

  • The definition supplemented: another element in the new conception of history.
  • The meaning of the topic sentence made clearer; the new conception of history defined.
  • But a few days after, as he lay in bed, a new idea came to him for his third act.
  • Having gone safely through this ordeal, Aranka was quite at home with her new acquaintance.
  • I saw her in the flesh for the first time in New York in the following December.
  • From South Parte we marched, over a pass that was new to us, straight into Pete-jong.
  • Patricia answered eagerly that she was very new and that she had taken two lessons from the noted teacher.
  • The beginning of each paragraph is a signal to him that a new step in the development of the subject has been reached.
  • That very evening he would sketch out a new dramatic movement around which all the other movements of the act would cluster.
  • It seemed that we had climbed to the top of the world that had hitherto been ours, and were starting afresh on a new level.
  • The future glowed with all its old alluring colors and new ones were shining out every time she looked ahead.
  • One day she found a new dish on her table and inquired concerning it, and learned that it was made of snails.
  • Did those who believed in the old formulas imagine that the new formula would be discovered straight away, without failures preliminary?
  • My mother, who had as much worldliness as any of us, and that was just none, was mightily amused at my new interests.
  • In using this language, we do not wish to be understood as laying claim to the discovery of any great truth, or any new principle.
  • A new symbol, such as that of a man's head, was thus naturally viewed at first with suspicion.
  • I came to New York from San Francisco in the first month of that year and presently Charles H.
  • But the scene is closed, and all its magnificence shut in, only that it may open out again, as it were, into all the wonders of a new creation.
  • I got tired of inventing new answers to that question, and by and by I got horribly tired of the question itself.

Short Example Sentence for New

  • My new friend smiled at this.
  • A new spectacle then presented itself.
  • That is almost a new military experience.
  • Tremendous part for me in the new piece...
  • I had new shoes on, and they were tight.
  • You might get a new hat, though.
  • I steadily looked in front, full of a new plan of mine.
  • Missouri was an unknown new State and needed attractions.
  • A New and Revised Edition.
  • A New and Enlarged Edition.
  • Coming home from Liverpool to New York.
  • Fifth Edition, in one volume, with new Portrait.
  • A New Edition in One Volume.
  • Third Edition, with a New Map and several Illustrations.
  • Patricia smiled with the new knowledge that had so recently come to her.
  • Every rehearsal had revealed new and serious faults of construction.
  • Thou wilt act discreetly then by proclaiming the new tax at once.
  • After fifty minutes of fruitless manoeuvring we decided on a new plan.
  • A New Edition, revised from the Second French Edition.
  • The man no longer resembled any known beast of the Old or New Worlds.
  • A New Light on the World's History.

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