Nomenclature in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Nomenclature

1. The nomenclature is purely arbitrary. 🔊

2. The nomenclature of trenches is always interesting. 🔊

3. The very nomenclature of the system had become unmeaning. 🔊

4. Terminology: the technical nomenclature of any science. 🔊

5. Such nomenclature would have been unpopular in America! 🔊

6. In Chemistry, the nomenclature is extremely efficient. 🔊

7. The Nomenclature of Scepticism. 🔊

8. The system of nomenclature is, I think, unfortunate. 🔊

9. It is clear, however, that the nomenclature of the instruments is erroneous. 🔊

10. But it is of the botanesque nomenclature that I now wish to speak. 🔊

11. Indian Nomenclature of Localities, Washington and Oregon Territories. 🔊

How to use Nomenclature in Sentences?

1. Is there a second to that motion that we have a committee on nomenclature of nuts? 🔊

2. The problems raised by the phratriac nomenclature are complex and probably insoluble. 🔊

3. A word must be said here in explanation of the nomenclature of the mountain tribes. 🔊

4. The rector stared, for such exuberance of nomenclature was very uncommon in those days. 🔊

5. But in this instance it would be nomenclature misplaced, and without an object. 🔊

6. Their nomenclature recognises many other attributes, but these take the first place. 🔊

7. The nomenclature of Hegel has been made by himself out of the language of common life. 🔊

8. Let us now compare the nomenclature of the pre-Persian and Periclean temples. 🔊

9. One difficulty in explaining electrical phenomena is the nomenclature that the science is loaded down with. 🔊

10. The nomenclature in the Table of Contents is that adopted by the American Ornithological Society. 🔊

11. This nomenclature naturally encouraged the belief that the history had been originally written by these prophets. 🔊