Nourishing in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Nourishing

1. And he was not alone in this nourishing hunting. 🔊

2. Six needed more nourishing food. 🔊

3. These are so nourishing that we can live upon fruit alone. 🔊

4. Chocolate is very nourishing and of easy Digestion. 🔊

5. Could she have been giving him any of her favourite nourishing things? 🔊

6. This is really a great pity, for beans and peas are both nourishing and cheap. 🔊

7. Popular Notion that Animal Food is more Nourishing than Vegetable. 🔊

How to use Nourishing in Sentences?

1. These are all nutritious, nourishing foods when properly cooked and attractively served. 🔊

2. A good, nourishing meal always contributes more to health than many lectures on dietetics. 🔊

3. There are many poor persons who would not recover unless they had proper, nourishing food. 🔊

4. The popular notion, that meat is more nourishing than bread, is a great mistake. 🔊

5. In foreign countries the chestnut is a rich, nourishing food, comparable to the potato. 🔊

6. It has been supposed, by some, that tea and coffee have, at least, a degree of nourishing power. 🔊

7. She had been to her doctor, and again he had emphasized the need of a change of climate and of nourishing food. 🔊

8. What was good and nourishing food for the spirits of one generation affords no sustenance for the next. 🔊

9. These are highly-concentrated nourishments, and should be eaten with more bulky and less nourishing substances. 🔊