Novel in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Novel

1. This novel is concerned with big problems of the day. 🔊

2. Then from us Commence the novel custom! 🔊

3. It is no use pretending that this is not novel and revolutionary; it is. 🔊

4. My subject is so far novel as to justify a little repetition. 🔊

5. The sight was so novel that for a moment the gang merely stared and grinned. 🔊

6. It is a novel of a high intellectual order, strong in plot and character. 🔊

7. The mere Germanisms of the novel rests and signs appalled me. 🔊

8. By her side, opened and face downward, a novel lay on a chair. 🔊

9. A slight Novel, or a Novel cut down, is a Novelette: it is not a Short-story. 🔊

How to use Novel in Sentences?

1. This was my first novel committed to paper during my initial year of college 1979-80. 🔊

2. In this case the novel itself was recognized as being, without extraneous help, respectable. 🔊

3. Another novel feature of this first Farman biplane was its method of starting and landing. 🔊

4. In a far more exact and precise use of the word a Short-story has unity as a Novel cannot have it. 🔊

5. A true Short-story differs from the Novel chiefly in its essential unity of impression. 🔊

6. A good Short-story is no more the synopsis of a Novel than it is an episode from a Novel. 🔊

7. But M. Auguste, in his exacting dependence on Louise, left the French novel far behind. 🔊

8. Not that the circumstances were in any way novel or at all uncommon; nor even that the vicar had any hope of being able to help. 🔊