Objective in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Objective

1. The objective truth is that there is nothing but sand. 🔊

2. The good of the redeemed is either objective or inherent. 🔊

3. Is there, in fact, any objective science? 🔊

4. The German objective farthest west is now clear. 🔊

5. The laws express the special provisions for objective freedom. 🔊

6. They had reached their first objective in less than two minutes. 🔊

7. But do we seek to render cause objective as well as substance? 🔊

8. A small astronomical objective penetrates to the eighth and ninth orders. 🔊

9. Mrs. Anderson's conscience was quite an objective one. 🔊

How to use Objective in Sentences?

1. And he believed in the value of his prayers and in the objective reality of their influence. 🔊

2. So the meaning of the distinction between subjective impressions and the objective truth is clear. 🔊

3. He recognizes repeatedly the impersonal and purely objective nature of his fiction. 🔊

4. Now let us consider some of the objective conditions from the standpoint of moral science. 🔊

5. It simply chooses its objective and flies to it, practically in a straight line. 🔊

6. The preceding figure shows this system in a fairly powerful objective (Fig. 18). 🔊

7. Hegel, instead of finishing, now goes on to the field of what he calls Objective Mind. 🔊

8. The objective of the Pulkova instrument is to that of the Lick Observatory as 3 is to 4. 🔊

9. Subjective is that which appertains to the subject, and objective is that which appertains to the object. 🔊

10. An objective science which consists merely of facts without any subjective theories is inconceivable. 🔊

11. Here it seems advisable to leave the track of an objective system and to turn to the record of personal observation. 🔊

12. The book is a simple, objective presentation of the subject as opposed to a formal and mathematical one. 🔊

13. The objective value of religion again has nothing to do with it, as exactly the same effect can result from the most barbarous superstition. 🔊