Objectives in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Objectives

1. This is what he says his war objectives were. 🔊

2. These objectives have often a long history behind them. 🔊

3. New physical objectives may appear to require attention. 🔊

4. In such capacity, he may assign objectives to these immediate subordinates. 🔊

5. In selecting objectives the best "test" objects to employ are: 1. 🔊

How to use Objectives in Sentences?

1. The considerations which follow are applicable to physical objectives of all categories. 🔊

2. These objectives may or may not be economically rational or morally justifiable. 🔊

3. Depending on your objectives you can decide on the variety and the quantity, he told us. 🔊

4. It is here that the importance of the correct selection of physical objectives stands out in bold relief. 🔊

5. Social life in which there is introduced the dramatic moment is one of the main objectives of all education. 🔊

6. On this basis the commander has apportioned the strength needed for the attainment of the objectives assigned to his subordinates. 🔊

7. Nations do not know with clearness either what they desire or why at heart they desire the objectives that seem of most importance. 🔊

8. It had been a great success; all our objectives had been gained; the wounded drifted in in lessening numbers. 🔊

9. And yet there are always certain perfectly clear objectives upon which all the force of these half understood motives impinge. 🔊

10. The importance to be attached by the enemy to certain physical objectives may be indicated by the broad aims known to exist. 🔊

11. Were they actually interested in colonization, in the proper sense of the term, or were their objectives commercial? 🔊

12. However, such final tests cannot be omitted without incurring the danger of selecting incorrect objectives for subordinates to attain. 🔊

13. With its five tons of bombs, destined for important objectives in the land of the enemy, it is an object to inspire awe. 🔊