Obscure in a sentence

Definition of Obscure

Dark, faint or indistinct. | Hidden, out of sight or inconspicuous. | difficult to understand.

How to use Obscure in a Sentence?

  • There is always something obscure and uncertain in the oncoming of the actual conflict.
  • This obscure skirmish was the commencement of a war which set two continents on fire.
  • Then they went to the park, where they sprawled on the grass in obscure corners.
  • The science of mythology may perhaps never find a key to these obscure problems.
  • Corinna smiled; but the transient illumination veiled rather than revealed her obscure motives.
  • The Barone, glooming in an obscure corner of the conservatory, saw them come in.
  • How can we guess its truth, to darkness born, The obscure consequence of absent glow?
  • Out on the Pacific coast a normal girl, obscure and lovely, makes a quest for happiness.
  • And your ancestors wandered, obscure and unknown, By the smooth Guadalquiver and sunny Garonne.
  • Every one of them has a history which is more and more obscure as we follow it backward to its source.
  • She had merely made a laughing-stock of him for the amusement doubtless of her obscure acquaintances!
  • He commenced his discourse by perplexing the minds of his auditors by enigmatical and obscure sentences.
  • Was the world cruel by choice to a girl against whom nothing more serious could be charged than that she was obscure and poor?
  • There are some corrections in this edition, which tend to render the sense less obscure in one or two places.
  • Private interviews had always been held at obscure cottages, whose owners she knew would be hanged ere they betrayed her.
  • The idiom of Curly's speech was at times a trifle obscure to the uneducated ear.
  • This view of the functions of a professor may appear obscure and exaggerated to one who has not studied at a German university.
  • This was decisive; for no obscure premonition, and of something indefinite at that, could stand against the example of his tranquil personality.
  • There were bits of advice about the hat, and the trousers, which for some obscure reason were known as Levis.
  • This Pits calls an obscure reference to the time of his death, in the same sentence in which he places that time in 1256.
  • If Vergil wrote any part of the fifth book in or soon after 46 this would seem to be the solution of the obscure passage in question.
  • We had twelve journals on our list; they were all weeklies, all obscure and poor, and all scattered far away among the back settlements.
  • There is no cabal so obscure in any place, that they do not protect, cherish, foster, and endeavor to raise it into importance at home and abroad.
  • The negotiations which followed during December and January were obscure at the time and are by no means clear even yet.
  • The observations of Mr. Emerton enable us still further to clear up the history of this obscure visitor.
  • Out of some bit of obscure wilfulness, roused by his being an Englishman, she accentuated her Parisian affectations.
  • It was a landmark known throughout the land; it was the landmark which had guided him to this obscure village of Rocky Springs.
  • Gross and obscure natures, however decorated, seem impure shambles; but character gives splendor to youth, and awe to wrinkled skin and gray hairs.
  • What mattered it if they had once resided in an obscure tenement in a great city, and that grandfathers were as far back as they could go with any certainty?

Short Example Sentence for Obscure

  • The criminals are obscure and feeble.
  • This was what made her obscure processes so awful.
  • Why should a cloud obscure the heaven of Damanhour?
  • He was an obscure writer, born at Deptford.
  • The topic is altogether too obscure for satisfactory argument.
  • We have many obscure chestnut species and hybrids growing here.
  • Very obscure indeed, if a reference to his death in 1256 be intended.
  • At about this stage in the proceedings I felt an obscure twinge.
  • Was it possible that she had known Gideon Vetch in his obscure past?
  • Well, I like to think that in Virginia it still has a few obscure followers.
  • I reckon," she remarked, as an epitaph over the obscure destiny of Mrs. Green.

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