Obscuring in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Obscuring

1. Mist floated above, partly obscuring the stars. 🔊

2. The smoke, obscuring the sky, left but darkness. 🔊

3. O ye legal and technical men, obscuring the light of truth! 🔊

4. The obscuring mists began to lift from the borders of his mind. 🔊

5. Only the dim bulk of the rock obscuring the entrance could be distinguished. 🔊

6. An obscuring mist hung over the canyon, stretching from wall to wall. 🔊

7. From them arose a thick pall of smoke, obscuring the German positions. 🔊

How to use Obscuring in Sentences?

1. Is it possible to conceive of a better method of obscuring a subject than such a course? 🔊

2. Superstitions are not conscience; they are ignorance obscuring and deadening conscience. 🔊

3. It was now quite dark, there being no moon, and thin clouds obscuring the stars. 🔊

4. II Rouen lay below him, a violet haze obscuring all but the pinnacles of its churches. 🔊

5. He would have to rely now on the very dim light in this hall and the shadow of his cap obscuring his face. 🔊

6. Though he kept those eyes perfectly fixed, he had not succeeded in obscuring at pleasure their brightness. 🔊

7. Religion is here presented free from all local or accidental or obscuring elements; religion itself is here revealed. 🔊

8. So the edge of the cloud obscuring him was lifted, and he would again be the man she prized and hoped much of! 🔊

9. All around him rose the lofty pines, obscuring his view of the road from which he had been diverted by the chase of the bear. 🔊