Obsequious in a sentence 🔊

Definition of Obsequious

(archaic) Obedient; compliant with someone else's orders or wishes. | Excessively eager and attentive to please or to obey instructions; fawning, subservient, servile. | (obsolete) Of or pertaining to obsequies, funereal.

Short Sentences for Obsequious

  • 1. Whereat there was obsequious laughter. 🔊
  • 2. There was no obsequious politeness about the fellow now. 🔊
  • 3. Once more the same obsequious servant was in attendance. 🔊
  • 4. Nancay raised the curtain with an obsequious gesture. 🔊
  • 5. He looked at the two ladies with an obsequious air. 🔊
  • 6. He turned toward the thicket in obsequious haste. 🔊
  • 7. The inside passenger made a yet more obsequious surrender. 🔊
  • 8. The nobles are obsequious time-servers and place-hunters. 🔊
  • 9. The obsequious Peechy was again struck dumb. 🔊
  • 10. Is it not natural to be obsequious to those who have offices to bestow? 🔊
  • 11. The landlord, obsequious and frightened, waited on the party himself. 🔊

How to use Obsequious in Sentences?

  • 1. The former is obsequious to the rich; the other unmoved and often apparently cold. 🔊
  • 2. I am glad to see this change of tone, since that first letter of obsequious submission. 🔊
  • 3. The presence of the "critter company" was indeed calculated to inspire a most obsequious awe. 🔊
  • 4. In the midst of it I saw him break from his obsequious fair one and approach me. 🔊
  • 5. The door swung slowly open, revealing a small obsequious man dressed in peasant costume. 🔊
  • 6. He made Miss Macspleuchan, as she rose to take her seat and prepare tea, a most obsequious bow. 🔊
  • 7. Presently the landlady came up the stairs with the ladies, and conducted them in a most obsequious manner to their room. 🔊
  • 8. But the most cordial and obsequious of his wealthy fellow-members were ready enough to criticise him behind his back. 🔊
  • 9. The hawk-eyed sacristan has marked down the stranger, and hurries up obsequious and eager to detain me. 🔊