Observing in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Observing

1. He was observing the battle. 🔊

2. But the right kind of observing has begun. 🔊

3. But an observing eye makes no such mistake. 🔊

4. Boyce was capable in observing dangerous situations. 🔊

5. Whately observing a sudden change, came nearer to her. 🔊

6. We were here now with the intention of observing that Law. 🔊

7. Sometimes Lenny was merely observing the show, sometimes he was in it. 🔊

How to use Observing in Sentences?

1. He had some interest, too, in observing one who was chosen where he himself had been rejected. 🔊

2. And Overland drank, observing the Easterner at the table over the top of his glass. 🔊

3. After observing the feebleness of his position, I made up my mind that I had won the victory. 🔊

4. At this moment up came a farmer, who, observing Mr. Aubrey, made him a very low bow. 🔊

5. She was learning because she had an exceedingly observing and intelligent mind, but she had not learned. 🔊

6. That her own heart ached miserably did not prevent her from observing things with all her usual keenness. 🔊

7. Danton was awake before the fish was cooked, and he stood about with a pretence of not observing them. 🔊

8. She is either a queen or a criminal," a physiognomist would have said after observing her face. 🔊

9. She was a patrician-looking creature and was standing quite alone, observing the scene with keen interest. 🔊

10. The purity of white lead is usually determined by observing the volume of carbon dioxide given off when it is treated with an acid. 🔊

11. The masters of the feast, observing his old and coarse apparel, paid him no consideration whatever. 🔊

12. One or two acquaintances spoke to him, but he was introduced to no one; so he sauntered about and entertained himself observing the people. 🔊

13. It is probable that the original or some subsequent scribe, observing an error at this point, inserted these figures as a correction. 🔊