Observing in a sentence

Definition of Observing

present participle of observe | observation

How to use Observing in a Sentence?

  • He had some interest, too, in observing one who was chosen where he himself had been rejected.
  • Williams again turned in his saddle, observing Collie for a minute before he spoke.
  • And Overland drank, observing the Easterner at the table over the top of his glass.
  • After observing the feebleness of his position, I made up my mind that I had won the victory.
  • At this moment up came a farmer, who, observing Mr. Aubrey, made him a very low bow.
  • Danton was awake before the fish was cooked, and he stood about with a pretence of not observing them.
  • That her own heart ached miserably did not prevent her from observing things with all her usual keenness.
  • She was learning because she had an exceedingly observing and intelligent mind, but she had not learned.
  • He was still watching her closely, as if he were observing the effect on her nerves of each word he uttered.
  • She was a patrician-looking creature and was standing quite alone, observing the scene with keen interest.
  • The purity of white lead is usually determined by observing the volume of carbon dioxide given off when it is treated with an acid.
  • Fortunately my path led me down in the rear of the building, and out of the way of the people, who had been observing me from the ground.
  • She is either a queen or a criminal," a physiognomist would have said after observing her face.
  • The masters of the feast, observing his old and coarse apparel, paid him no consideration whatever.
  • The genius of this faction is easily discerned, by observing with what a very different eye they have viewed the late foreign revolutions.
  • One or two acquaintances spoke to him, but he was introduced to no one; so he sauntered about and entertained himself observing the people.
  • I had heard him described as a very silent man, who was always observing others, but seldom opened his lips.
  • It is probable that the original or some subsequent scribe, observing an error at this point, inserted these figures as a correction.
  • We shall, in observing the habits and homes of the wild bees, gain a clearer insight into the mysteries of the hive.
  • He set about studying mineralogy, geology, botany, and was soon observing the homologies of the vertebrate skeleton.
  • Then observing the gravity of Vetch's expression, she checked her untimely mirth with an effort.
  • You will see that said accountant entrusts this to said treasurer, as aforesaid, in your presence, observing therein the order as before stated.
  • Could never bear to be punctual to meal times, must always dine at what time it suits me; am utterly incapable of observing regular hours.
  • To the student I say, study the shapes into which simple bars of iron can be beaten, both mentally and by observing well-formed works.
  • Her great dark eyes were dreamy and contemplative like a cat's, and, as every one knows, a cat's eye is the most observing of all eyes.
  • From this effort at composure he was aroused by observing that a little gentleman clad all in black had stopped at a little distance away and was looking very intently at him.
  • I was much surprised to see in the half-light of the alcove the reclining figure of the count leaning upon his elbow and observing me with profound attention.
  • However, a cat, observing something alive in the trap, patted it about till the wires broke, and set Thomas at liberty.
  • A creeping sensation about their scalps was experienced by the two eavesdroppers on observing that they had passed not a hundred yards from a sentinel who occupied a low knoll on their left.
  • If in magnetic sleep the same images and waves can be conveyed by other means, the result will be precisely the same as if the patient was observing with open eyes and ears.
  • For some time after the banquet General Grant sat upon the veranda of the music-hall, conversing with friends and observing this novel scene.

Short Example Sentence for Observing

  • He was observing the battle.
  • Boyce was capable in observing dangerous situations.
  • But an observing eye makes no such mistake.
  • But the right kind of observing has begun.
  • Whately observing a sudden change, came nearer to her.
  • We were here now with the intention of observing that Law.
  • To die like that with nobody caring, with nobody even observing it!
  • Sometimes Lenny was merely observing the show, sometimes he was in it.
  • Then, observing his dripping garments: "You been in de water.

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