Obsession in a sentence

Definition of Obsession

A compulsive or irrational preoccupation. | An unhealthy fixation. | Influence or control by evil spirits without possession.

How to use Obsession in a Sentence?

  • What was this terrible obsession that outweighed every other consideration with him?
  • Yet the mere consideration of him and his obsession as one thing was intolerable.
  • And this obsession appeared to my befuddled mentality as a species of sacrifice.
  • The thought of crime now becomes a sort of obsession or rather an autosuggestion.
  • He was half ashamed of an obsession which shut out thought of everything else but the girl.
  • He spoke without emphasis, his words seeming to drop from the thick obsession of his dream.
  • Everywhere is the same obsession with the fact of physical pain, accident, and sudden death.
  • But it was more by dint of their obsession than by any skill of ours that we crept up near without giving them alarm.
  • He tried to think he was delivered from an extraordinary obsession and restored to health and sanity.
  • Drink and cards are an obsession with some; cruelty is just as much a matter of obsession with others.
  • The mere statement and objective proof that his obsession is based on an illusion would be ineffective.
  • My separation from my kind would have in it more than a selfish whim, an obsession for solitude.
  • Bryan's obsession by the peace-at-any-price propaganda bordered on the fanatical.
  • He may pick up his obsession by any chance experience and no good-will liberates him from the intrusion perhaps for years.
  • I have traced the growth of cruelty obsession in children one would not suspect of any great tendency to animalism.
  • Stylistic obsession and the taste for material beauty ended in mechanical prettiness, altogether inexpressive or sentimental.
  • To regain the presidency of which he had been unjustly deprived had now become an obsession with Walker.
  • This endured for a year before it began to waver; and the wavering was soon followed by headlong obsession which fed on itself.
  • The possibility of a relapse or of a new obsession is thus to a high degree open, and that is certainly a discouraging feature.
  • As her sympathies narrowed under the obsession of her happiness, his expanded, awaked by a reversion to forgotten conditions.
  • He was not intellectual enough to comprehend fully the deep imaginings of a mighty brain, the obsession work is in the worker.
  • To explain an obsession or a sleep state by the agencies of evil spirits or magnetic fluids is certainly an unnecessary side conception.
  • Triumphantly to battle with an obsession at night, when the vitality is low and the egoism intensified, is extremely difficult.
  • His obsession with computers seemed a bit odd, but harmless enough, and likely to produce a well- paying career.

Short Example Sentence for Obsession

  • Lee called it an obsession once.
  • Any obsession is a blindfold.
  • It was almost an obsession with him.
  • The obsession was complete.
  • What did the whole obsession of his brain mean?
  • That was an obsession with Kelly.
  • It has become an obsession from which I cannot escape.
  • It must have been an obsession that had possessed her all these months.
  • C'est une obsession charmante.
  • The obsession of patriotism is not the only evil which we have to consider.
  • He mistook the character of her thought in the obsession of his egoism.
  • The composition of his new poem became an obsession with him.
  • The power of the obsession weakened from the first day.
  • Thirst became an obsession with us all, men and animals alike.
  • Next, try to overcome the present popular obsession regarding the sermon.
  • The possibility of American occupation had become an obsession at Victoria.

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