Obtained in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Obtained

1. He had obtained nothing. 🔊

2. Both snakes were obtained from trees when they were felled. 🔊

3. Specimens were obtained both in the dry and rainy seasons. 🔊

4. All specimens of this large anole were obtained from trees. 🔊

5. What more could have been obtained by a War? 🔊

6. Both specimens were obtained from trees when they were felled. 🔊

7. A salmon offers a fair mark, and these are obtained by spearing. 🔊

8. Two specimens were obtained from trees by workmen in February. 🔊

9. The specimen obtained at Toocog was under the bark of a standing dead tree. 🔊

10. These are Copyrighted Stories which cannot be obtained elsewhere. 🔊

11. The recommendation of the Doctor obtained a private audience for Eaton. 🔊

12. The appointment was obtained by Mr. Washburn, who had befriended him before. 🔊

How to use Obtained in Sentences?

1. Specimens were obtained in rainforest in the immediate vicinity of the settlement. 🔊

2. Such wire may be obtained having a resistance of about fifty times that of copper. 🔊

3. All individuals were obtained in clearings in the forest by day in the rainy season. 🔊

4. Provisions were abundant, shelter could be obtained beneath the walls of the captured citadel. 🔊

5. The European sources from which human hair is obtained are not numerous or very prolific. 🔊

6. Specimens were obtained in the rainforest and in cleared areas in the immediate vicinity of the town. 🔊

7. Discovered that the greatest lift was obtained from a plane flat in front and arched from the side. 🔊

8. The largest female (KU 59603), obtained on June 28, has a snout-vent length of 125 mm. 🔊

9. Supplies may be obtained from the usual trade sources and we shall be glad to furnish any information on application. 🔊

10. The piazza had been boarded and carpeted all over, and raised seats were erected for the spectators who had obtained tickets. 🔊

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