Occasionally in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Occasionally

1. These things occasionally happen. 🔊

2. On these he would occasionally gaze with transient enthusiasm. 🔊

3. It was an improving experience of a kind which he only occasionally got. 🔊

4. He smoked a cigarette, and occasionally sipped from a tall glass. 🔊

5. Groups occasionally formed and, after a word or two, dispersed. 🔊

6. We have mentioned that the fox-bats are occasionally eaten in Australia. 🔊

How to use Occasionally in Sentences?

1. Each of these occasionally comes to cover ground that seems more appropriate to the others. 🔊

2. In pre-war days it was occasionally hinted that bazaar prices were a trifle high. 🔊

3. Great precaution must be observed, and the documents occasionally submitted to us. 🔊

4. The construction shown in the left-hand column is occasionally found, and has its defenders. 🔊

5. The smoke of burning fallows was occasionally seen, wreathing in dense columns towards the sky. 🔊

6. Hour after hour sat Winthrop, reading and occasionally glancing out across the desert. 🔊

7. They talked low to one another, and occasionally in some outlandish tongue which he could not understand. 🔊

8. The latter began to fall to pieces before all the transport was over, some animals occasionally falling off into the water. 🔊

9. She never thought of herself; but he had sometimes wondered what worse things could have happened if she had occasionally done so. 🔊

10. It would have been less hopeless had she occasionally betrayed herself, had her speech thickened and her walk become unsteady. 🔊

11. Then snares were set on the barley sheaves and corn stooks, by which a brace of birds were occasionally bagged. 🔊

12. His house servants were obliged occasionally to work on the estate, and part of the pleasure grounds were ploughed up and devoted to husbandry. 🔊

13. The bid came from a ministerial-looking person who was known as a kind of veterinary occasionally employed by Canby. 🔊

14. The deer occasionally raised their heads, looking all around, evidently regarding the boat as a harmless thing floating in from the lake. 🔊

15. Boyce stretched and went to the window, catching sight of several guards marching back and forth, occasionally looking up at their window. 🔊

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