Occupying in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Occupying

1. And how was the obstinate professor occupying himself? 🔊

2. Another subject was at that moment occupying his thoughts. 🔊

3. They were typewritten, occupying a couple of lines. 🔊

4. Troops' trains were occupying the lines. 🔊

5. She lifted eyes to him as to one occupying an intellectual height. 🔊

6. Unquestionably, the problems of the morrow were occupying all breasts. 🔊

7. They were occupying a new house not too far from the grocery store. 🔊

8. He discovered that he was occupying an oblong green rug of satin. 🔊

How to use Occupying in Sentences?

1. Hence it comes about that Parmenides pictured Being as a globe-shaped something occupying space. 🔊

2. The Japanese began the blockade on August 27, occupying some neighbouring islands as a base. 🔊

3. The letters were all opened, and Mr. Jarvis and Arnold were occupying the private office. 🔊

4. The population occupying the intermountain region probably was isolated from the population to the north and west. 🔊

5. It appeared that we were occupying what was on the whole a straggling but quite a fashionable part of London. 🔊

6. But, in the march and development of the human mind, these nations are far from occupying the same eminent station. 🔊

7. As the coolies moved off with their fair burden he trotted along in the rear, his project occupying his busy mind. 🔊

8. Godfrey and Tartlet sat opposite to each other, the captain and mate occupying each end of the rolling table. 🔊

9. The Turks also are doing what they can to create disturbance in the province, and find some excuse for occupying it with their army. 🔊

10. The Briarwood drawing-room looked a great deal too vast and too lofty for the three women who were occupying it this evening. 🔊