Occupying in a sentence

Definition of Occupying

present participle of occupy

How to use Occupying in a Sentence?

  • Some one had been occupying the tilt, too, as new boughs spread for a bed made evident.
  • The father was rowing, and Willie was occupying the proud position of steersman.
  • Hence it comes about that Parmenides pictured Being as a globe-shaped something occupying space.
  • The Japanese began the blockade on August 27, occupying some neighbouring islands as a base.
  • The reader will find them in Map No. 14, occupying the northeastern quarter of the heavens.
  • The letters were all opened, and Mr. Jarvis and Arnold were occupying the private office.
  • The population occupying the intermountain region probably was isolated from the population to the north and west.
  • It appeared that we were occupying what was on the whole a straggling but quite a fashionable part of London.
  • There are lovely villas on these fringes of the wood, stately houses with terraced gardens occupying the high slopes.
  • As the coolies moved off with their fair burden he trotted along in the rear, his project occupying his busy mind.
  • But, in the march and development of the human mind, these nations are far from occupying the same eminent station.
  • If this were true, there would be two bodies occupying the same place at the same time, namely the object and the space it fills.
  • Godfrey and Tartlet sat opposite to each other, the captain and mate occupying each end of the rolling table.
  • The Turks also are doing what they can to create disturbance in the province, and find some excuse for occupying it with their army.
  • It was a square four-story building, occupying almost the entire block, and there was a garden in front extending to the road.
  • Then as regards the Nous occupying space, it is not true that greater and smaller are necessarily spatial relations.
  • The Briarwood drawing-room looked a great deal too vast and too lofty for the three women who were occupying it this evening.
  • At that time the Piegan were estimated to have had 430 lodges, the average number of persons occupying each being 10.
  • While occupying that capacity, he was always ready to open his mouth to talk, provided he were afforded also a better reason for opening it.
  • There they lived until March, 1913, occupying most of the time a house owned by the company for which he worked.
  • The "tomb" is at the right hand of the entrance, occupying about half of the floor, above which it rises two feet.
  • It was not only a question of occupying Corfu; it was also a matter of arranging to receive a worn-out and decimated army.
  • Tom and Jack were each occupying one of these, ready to give battle to the Huns above or below the clouds.
  • Then there was Eli Pike, occupying himself in pulling a rein from beneath the horse's tail.
  • It may please you to know that I am occupying your office, and also that noble suite overlooking the Plaza.
  • There is no abuse in the world which cannot be justified, if the example of persons occupying a high station or that of great numbers is sufficient for it.
  • They range themselves around the pugyarok or entrance, the chorus and guests occupying the back of the room and the spectators packing themselves against the walls.
  • On Wednesdays and Fridays the departure from Salisbury was in the evening, the journey occupying about nineteen hours.
  • By this time the European war was occupying most of the attention of the American people, but Mexico was a constant irritant.
  • I believe that Salisbury Plain is known for it, and I hear that all the ground that troops are now occupying is to be ploughed up when we leave.
  • Another group of persons also large potentially and a serious menace when proselyted by the apostles of rebellion, were the squatters and trespassers who were occupying land to which they had no lawful right.
  • There was another window some blocks farther down, in the building occupying the point where Fifth Avenue and Broadway join.

Short Example Sentence for Occupying

  • And how was the obstinate professor occupying himself?
  • Another subject was at that moment occupying his thoughts.
  • They were typewritten, occupying a couple of lines.
  • Troops' trains were occupying the lines.
  • She lifted eyes to him as to one occupying an intellectual height.
  • Unquestionably, the problems of the morrow were occupying all breasts.
  • He discovered that he was occupying an oblong green rug of satin.
  • They were occupying a new house not too far from the grocery store.

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